Windows 2003 R2 (New Version) Quota Management vs Quota Manager

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by lforbes, May 26, 2006.

  1. lforbes

    lforbes Guest


    I have been using Quotas for years using the Basic Quota Manager accessed by
    right clicking the Drive with the Quota.

    I just installed Windows 2003 R2 with the Built in Quota Mangement in the
    File Server Management MMC.

    I have read all the documentation but can't seem to figure out how the new
    Quota Management works in conjunction with the Old Quota Manager. I have 2400
    Quotas on 2400 Users already set. I don't want to change them but I want to
    import them or see them in the new Quota Management.

    I set a "new "Auto Quota" on an existing folder that has quotas on it
    already from the above old Quota Manager. I changed the quota from the 10MB I
    had set in the old Quota Manager to 100MB that I set in Quota Management. I
    set it to "Apply auto apply quota to all derived quotas" which means it
    should override the existing Quotas. However, when I go back to Quota Manager
    and do a "refresh" the quotas are still sitting at 10MB.

    There is no documentation that explains anything about how the two work
    together. Also, the new Quota Management doesn't seem to let you see the
    quotas like the old Quota Manager or sort by OU or change groups.

    If this is all it is than I wasted my money upgrading.

    Any ideas?

    lforbes, May 26, 2006
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