Windows 2003 SP1 (not R2) & DFS Hub & Spoke Topology

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by gatox, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. gatox

    gatox Guest

    Good morning,

    I trying to create a hub and spoke replication but the spoke keeps sending
    changes to the hub. Is this a normal behavior ???

    If not what did I do wrong on my setup ??

    Topology : Custom
    Connections : Only one - from source to target
    Schedule: 7/24/365

    Kind regards,

    gatox, Oct 16, 2007
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  2. gatox

    Anthony Guest

    Yes, a hub and spoke should have two-way replication by default.
    If you delete one of the connections, you should get just one way.
    There are circumstances where one-way won't work. My view is that it is
    better to use Share permissions so that changes are not written to the
    spoke, if that's what you want to achieve, rather than that if written they
    are not replicated.
    Hope that helps,
    Anthony, Oct 16, 2007
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  3. gatox

    gatox Guest

    Thank you Anthony.

    Since I only have one connection it shouldn't replicate from the target to
    the source. Changing the share permissions at the target is not a
    possibility since it will be my DR server at another site.

    Does R2 have better management at this level ?


    gatox, Oct 16, 2007
  4. gatox

    Anthony Guest

    Hi Luis,
    I think you should be able to get one-way replication going in either FRS or
    DFSR. FRS can be difficult to work with, and you may just have to set it up
    again to get it working, with reboots or stop/start FRS in between.
    In DFSR one-way replication is not recommended, although I think there are
    some circumstances where it would not cause a problem.
    I don't really see the logic requiring one-way only, though. One way would
    be required if you wanted to add content to the remote site and not have it
    replicate. This would create folders that are out of sync. If you want to
    prevent writing you can do that through the Share, and if you allow writing
    you would normally want it to sync. This would still be the case on a remote
    copy which you were not expecting people to use unless the main copy were
    Anthony, Oct 16, 2007
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