Windows 2003 Standard vs Advanced

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by John Owens, May 5, 2005.

  1. John Owens

    John Owens Guest

    I recently attended a seminar held by a MS Gold Partner. During the
    discussion he eluded to a comment that Advanced server is the OS of choice
    if you have servers w/ Xeon Processors. However I cannot find anything on
    MS's Site reguarding benefits of Advanced over Standard when dealing with
    Processors. There's pleanty of differences with Memory, which I understand
    but with the Processor itself???
    John Owens, May 5, 2005
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  2. John Owens

    seth Guest

    i'm not sure what that is referring to either
    the only difference with processors between standard/enterprise that i've
    seen is the number supported
    seth, May 5, 2005
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  3. John Owens

    Jetro Guest

    The Gold, Platinum, Diamond Partners as such just ruin the MS reputation.
    OTOH, those partners and MS itself are the same human beings as you, me, and
    any John Doe. Remember that every new Windows version has been crashing
    during its presentation by BG.
    Jetro, May 6, 2005
  4. John,

    While there are functional differences between the Standard and Enterprise
    Editions of Windows Server 2003

    There are no differences in the actual usage of the CPUs or the requirement
    to prefer one edition over the other due to CPU family choice (XEON vs. P4



    Mike Brannigan [Microsoft]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

    Please note I cannot respond to e-mailed questions, please use these
    Mike Brannigan [MSFT], May 6, 2005
  5. John Owens

    Hank Arnold Guest

    Find another Gold Partner.......
    Hank Arnold, May 6, 2005
  6. John Owens

    Robert Moir Guest

    Well depending on your opinion of the speaker, they either made a honest
    mistake, or they get more comission from their employer depending on what
    you buy ;-)
    Robert Moir, May 10, 2005
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