Windows 2003 System Volume Information

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by brianc, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. brianc

    brianc Guest


    I have a Windows 2003 Server (sp1) also running Exchange 2003 Sp2.

    One of the drives is running out of space however I think this is all in the
    System Volume Information folder, however although I get "Access Denied" when
    trying to view inside this folder.

    I have found a few posts regarding resetting the permissions, but this is a
    live server and wanted to check the best way to access this first before
    trying anything drastic.

    brianc, Sep 27, 2007
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  2. brianc

    Chris M Guest

    The System Volume Information folder is a system-managed folder and you
    really shouldn't touch it. You can, as you have said, reset the
    permissions on it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    If this folder is very large then you need to think why this might be
    the case.

    Most likely reason is that you have shadow copies enabled on this drive
    - Windows uses the System Volume Information folder to store the shadow
    copies. You can reduce the maximum space allowed for shadow copies if
    you want to free up some space.

    If you have the Indexing service enabled, it will use this folder to
    store the indices. Having this service enabled on a box running Exchange
    might not be the best idea, but that's just my opinion.

    On XP, System Restore data is also stored inside this folder, but that
    doesn't apply in the case of 2003 server.
    Chris M, Sep 27, 2007
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  3. brianc

    brianc Guest


    Thanks for the reply, I have the Index service and have no shadow copies on
    the volume.

    The only two folders on the volume are the Exchange Databases (MDBData) and
    the system volume information folder (thats will all the views turned on)

    Therefore by deduction there is over 30Gb in this folder which is why I need
    to ether get inside it or find out hot to purge the contents.

    Any other suggestions?
    brianc, Sep 27, 2007
  4. brianc

    Chris M Guest

    It's very likely to be the index service that is taking the space up.

    Have you tried removing the catalogs and disabling it?
    Chris M, Sep 27, 2007
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