Windows 2008 cluster generic service

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Homer J. Simpson, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. If I have a generic service with a dependency on cluster IP, Cluster Network
    Name, and Cluster disk. When I bring the the cluster service
    runs but I can't connect to it. Although it has a dependency on a network IP
    address I can see it listening on the correct port, but no Ip address. It
    listens on ip instead of the clusterip:tcpportnumber.
    This worked properly under Windows 2003 clustering...just doesn't work on 2k8.

    Homer J. Simpson, Apr 23, 2010
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  2. Homer J. Simpson

    RCan Guest

    Hi Homer,

    does the service come / stay online ? can you have a look at the cluster
    logs when you bring the service online ?
    when online, do you see in "ipconfig" the cluster vip of this service ?

    RCan, Apr 23, 2010
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  3. service stays just doesn't seem to operate under the cluster IP.
    Not really any indication cluster log wise as to why it doesn't get the
    correct IP.
    Homer J. Simpson, Apr 23, 2010
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