Windows 2008 Server Performance Counters missing

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by John Meng, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. John Meng

    John Meng Guest


    I have 2 Windows 2008 Servers Ent where some of the core Perfmon counters
    have gone "missing". Plenty of other counters are there (.NET, Exch2007,
    etc). But some of the main ones like Processor and PhysicalDisk are not
    listed anymore. And if you try and enable them via DOS, I get a msg stating
    they are already enabled.

    I have tried using Windows 2003 directions regarding repairing corrupt
    Performance Counters (kb 300956) - but no luck.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    John Meng, Oct 10, 2008
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  2. Hello John,

    If i check them on my 2008 servers they are all listed and viewable. If i
    open "Reliability and Performance monitor", Monitoring tools, Performance
    Monitor, choose the green PLUS i can view all including the ones you specify.
    What account are you using?

    Best regards

    Meinolf Weber
    Meinolf Weber, Oct 10, 2008
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  3. John Meng

    John Meng Guest


    Yes - I see them on my other 2008 servers as well. And they were there at
    first on my 2 problem servers also. The core counters "disappeared" after I
    tried to open a PerfLog file that was generated by Jetstress 2007. And now
    that they have "disappeared" on these 2 servers, I cannot seem to figure a
    way to get them back.

    I am logged into both servers with domain admin account - which is also part
    of local admin on both servers.

    John Meng, Oct 10, 2008
  4. Hello John,

    If you check the Performance monitors properties, Source tab, is it set to
    current usage or log files?

    Best regards

    Meinolf Weber
    Meinolf Weber, Oct 10, 2008
  5. John Meng

    John Meng Guest

    It is set to current usage.

    Even if I try to create a new Data Collector set, it will not list any of
    the core perf counters.

    It looks like the perf counters list are corrupted - and need to be rebuilt.
    There is a kb on this for Win2003 (kb 300956) - but the same method does not
    seem to work for Win2008.

    John Meng, Oct 10, 2008
  6. Hello John,

    So did you run the command:

    lodctr /R

    to rebuild all counters? What error message do you get?

    Best regards

    Meinolf Weber
    Meinolf Weber, Oct 11, 2008
  7. John Meng

    John Meng Guest


    Yes - this tool helped. Also, I found that the missing counters had
    registry keys added called "Disable Performance Counters" in
    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services and the value was set to something
    other than 0. There were about 10 impacted entries in all. And once the
    value was set to 0, the perf counter was back again.

    I had another server that was "clean" to compare it to and the "Disable
    Performance Counters" key was not even in the "clean" server.

    I will send a note to the Exch2007 team because it was their tool that
    caused the issues in the first place. When you double-click on any of the
    output blg extension performance files, it launches Perfmon - that's when the
    issue occurs. It might be because the perf counters being used in Jetstress
    2007 are 32-bit and the perfmon that launches is 64-bit. Not sure... but
    I'll at least let them know.

    Thanks for everyone's help!
    John Meng, Oct 15, 2008
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