Windows 7 doesnt update PTR

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by MSNews, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. MSNews

    MSNews Guest

    Hi all
    I just noticed , I have a windows 7 client that never updates its PTR, evenn
    after a ipconfig /registerdns.
    Is there anything I can use to investigate?

    MSNews, Dec 12, 2009
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  2. MSNews

    neo Guest

    I don't believe Vista/Windows 7 will create/update a PTR lookup when they
    get their IP address dynamically.
    neo, Dec 13, 2009
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    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 14, 2009
  4. MSNews

    neo Guest

    Not what I am seeing when using DNS on Windows 2003 SP2 (allowing unsecured
    updates) standalone and Windows XP/Vista/2003/7/2008 clients.

    neo, Dec 14, 2009
  5. What are you seeing? Are you saying updates are not working?

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 14, 2009
  6. MSNews

    MSNews Guest

    All I can add is that my situation tells me windows 7 does not update the
    PTR record for some reason. Could be somethin in our setup. I even try
    ipconfig /registerdns and no go.
    MSNews, Dec 15, 2009

  7. As Jonathan implied, it is difficult to assist with the limited info you are

    Please provide an *unedited* ipconfig /all from one of your DCs, as well as
    from a good Windows 7 workstation, and from the workstation in question.

    Also provide the name of the reverse zone in arpa format (such as if the
    subnet is, it should look like "").

    Please let us know how many domains are in the forest, as well as what the
    replication scope of the reverse zone is set to, if AD integrated, as well
    as if the DNS address that is in the Windows 7 workstation's IP config has
    the reverse zone on it, or has a reference to it (stub, secondary, etc).

    This info should give us something to work on.

    btw - Did you get a chance to read the articles I posted? They are extremely
    informative on how this whole thing works.

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 15, 2009
  8. MSNews

    neo Guest

    I'm saying that a workgroup or domain joined Windows 7 client will only
    create their A record if you point them at a workgroup setup Windows 2003 R2
    server that accepts unsecured updates. If I take that very same hardware
    Windows 7 was installed on and go back to Windows XP, XP creates the PTR
    record w/out issue.

    Don't get me wrong in thinking it is a bug, it is just a slight difference
    between XP/2003 and Win7/2008R2 era. Never really cared if dynamic devices
    register their PTR, but I do when it comes to static devices like servers
    and it comes as a bit of shock if your site leans towards DHCP reservations.
    neo, Dec 15, 2009
  9. MSNews

    Dave Warren Guest

    Try enabling "use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" and
    see if this helps?
    Dave Warren, Dec 15, 2009
  10. Just to understand what you're saying, DHCP is on a stand alone machine (not
    joined to a domain nor is it a DC). Correct?
    Are the Windows 7 machines in a domain or stand alones?
    Have you checked the NIC settings to ensure it's configured to register?
    I don't know if it's a bug or not, because I have not seen this in my two
    customer's site with an R2 DC as the DHCP server and two Win7 machines among
    Vista and XP machines. Then again I have DHCP configured wtih credentials
    (so it can update current records), forcing it to update all and any type of
    OS, as well as scavenging. Runs like a Swiss watch.


    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 16, 2009
  11. MSNews

    neo Guest

    Yes to the correct. DNS/DHCP are on stand-alone devices.

    Doesn't matter if 7 is a domain member or not. (For this test, 7 joined to
    an AD domain with primary dns suffix set to domain name that the DNS server
    is authoritative for.)

    XP/7 settings are exactly what MS sets out-of-the-box and when comparing the
    settings between XP/7 it is an exact match.

    Ah, we are comparing an apple to an orange. You will never see this unless
    you setup an mock environment that is different that what you are used to.
    neo, Dec 16, 2009
  12. No, I don't have a stand alone to test this for you, so I apologize. It may
    be possible someone else in the newsgroup does, and I hope they are able to
    jump in to assist you.

    The only thing I can add is in the past with a stand alone 2003 DHCP server
    (using it for multiple classrooms), XP Pros, other 2003 stand alone servers,
    Vista Bus & Ult, and Windows 2000 Pro workstation, it worked. Windows 7
    wasn't around at that time.

    If no one else is able to respond, if I may suggest, call Microsoft PSS if
    this is an issue that is affecting the productivity environment.

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 16, 2009
  13. Check your nic to verify that you have it set to auto register your ip

    Right click on Network and Select Properties
    Change Adapter Settings
    Right click on your adapter and select properties
    Elevate your permissions (If requested)
    Select your TCP stack and select properties
    Click the advanced button
    Click the DNS tab
    Verify that the "Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes" is
    The check box "Append parent..." can be selected if you so choose
    Verify that the check box "Register this connection's address in DNS

    Select ok in all the boxes

    Pull up a dos prompt
    ipconfig /registerdns

    Paul Bergson
    MVP - Directory Services
    MCTS, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, Security+, BS CSci
    2008, 2003, 2000 (Early Achiever), NT4
    Microsoft's Thrive IT Pro of the Month - June 2009

    Please no e-mails, any questions should be posted in the NewsGroup This
    posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Paul Bergson [MVP-DS], Dec 16, 2009
  14. MSNews

    Dave Warren Guest

    In message <#> "neo"
    Try enabling "use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration"

    XP doesn't need this option enabled to register it's PTR, W7 does.
    Dave Warren, Dec 16, 2009
  15. MSNews

    MrC Guest

    Thanks Dave
    This worked for my windows 7 clients. They are now registering their PTR

    Many thanks

    MrC, Dec 16, 2009

  16. I asked Neo about that earlier, and I believe he *implied* it was enabled??

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 17, 2009

  17. I'm sorry, I don;t believe I asked him, but someone else did, and basically
    Neo implied that it was checked, based on his response below:

    "> XP/7 settings are exactly what MS sets out-of-the-box and when comparing
    So I assumed he meant that option was enabled.

    That confused me. If it were enabled, the machine should register, yet Neo
    stated it still didn't register. Therefore, I thought the best course of
    action would be to contact PSS for assistance.

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 17, 2009
  18. MSNews

    neo Guest

    That bottom box is not enabled by default. Therefore, that wasn't implied
    if you read my original post and hence my statement that it is a subtle
    change between the operating systems.
    neo, Dec 18, 2009
  19. MSNews

    Dave Warren Guest

    I spent days trying to chase this one down myself, glad to have been
    able to help.
    Dave Warren, Dec 18, 2009
  20. MSNews

    Dave Warren Guest

    In message <> "Ace Fekay [MCT]"
    This setting could be left unchecked and XP would register it's own PTR,
    whereas W7 will not. Identical settings do not mean identical results.
    Dave Warren, Dec 18, 2009
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