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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by John Sisker, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. John Sisker

    John Sisker Guest

    My new Toshiba Laptop comes with Windows 7. Likewise, I purchased and
    installed Microsoft Office, which includes Outlook for an e-mail program.
    However, Windows 7 apparently allows one to download Windows Live Mail for
    another related e-mail application. The bottom lines is, which is better?
    Should I use Outlook or Windows Live Mail? Or perhaps both? Likewise, why
    would one be better over another?

    In addition, what is the best way to configure whatever e-mail program I
    choose on my new computer, and how can I transfer my e-mail addresses over
    from my old computer using Windows Vista to this new one?

    John Sisker, Sep 21, 2011
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  2. John Sisker

    N. Miller Guest

    Outlook is a full-featured PIM, with an integrated calendar, and usually
    works well in an enterprise environment with an MS Exchange mail server. It
    lacks an integrated news client.

    Windows Live Mail is a "cloud" service, a component of "Windows Live
    Essentials". It includes a very poorly implemented news client.

    Between them, I think I would recommend: Mozilla Thunderbird! ;)

    Seriously, I have no need for a paid email client, so I don't use Outlook,
    and never likely will. I only use WLM for its HTTPMail capability with
    Windows Live Hotmail accounts. I would not use, or reccommend WLM for any
    other use; if you don't have any Hotmail accounts, there are better clients
    than WLM available. Even MS Outlook would be better for email than WLM.

    My mainstays are: Pegasus Mail for email, and 40tude Dialog for news. For
    news, Mozilla Thunderbird beats the snot out of WLM.

    Basically, unless you are going to use any of the related Windows Live
    Essentials services, I'd stay away from Windows Live Mail. Far, far away.
    N. Miller, Sep 21, 2011
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