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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Daniel Hirons, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Daniel Hirons

    dean-dean Guest

    Hi Dan. I'm glad things are back to normal, display-wise.

    To answer the above, when you re-installed Windows Vista, not all your
    hardware drivers may have been available to Windows; they were probably
    installed by the computer manufacturer, originally. If Windows doesn't have
    a driver in its database, it will attempt to substitute its generic driver,
    so that you have at least have a minimum of functionality. (Vista has some
    3rd Party drivers on it's Install DVD, but, by no means, all). As you have
    seen, the generic driver is not ideal, for certain types of hardware. If
    you can, it's best to get the latest driver directly from the manufacturer
    of the hardware device, especially if it's a display driver.

    By sheer coincidence, it looks like VIA released a new version of your
    display driver today. That may have been the one you installed, I'm not
    sure. In Device Manager, could you Copy and Paste the Driver Version and
    Driver Date, as you did before, and post that info? It's best to have the
    latest driver.

    Also, in Device Manager, could you expand "Sound, Video and Game
    Controllers, and tell me the name of your Sound device? Could you Copy and
    Paste the Driver Version and Driver Date for that driver?

    Your Windows.old folder will probably have all your original drivers, but
    since your computer malfunctioned to the point of you having to re-install
    Vista, I'm trying to avoid using those drivers, since I don't know what
    corrupted drivers may exist in that folder, or even if that's the case.
    Like I said, if you can get the latest drivers from the hardware device's
    manufacturer, that's the best way to go. Your display driver is probably
    more up to date now than it was when you originally bought your computer.

    In Device Manager, do you see any entries that have an Exclamation Point
    icon, or something that indicates that one of your devices has a problem?
    (The category will automatically be expanded, if it does).

    As an organizational tip, you can delete the folder created when you
    unzipped the driver's files, now that it's installed. Windows has copied
    the files it needs and put them somewhere in it's system folders. I would
    move the latest .zip file somewhere in a folder you can create, naming it
    Display Driver Backup, say, and put it under C:\Users\(Your Name)\Downloads.
    dean-dean, Aug 8, 2007
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  2. Daniel Hirons

    trish Guest

    Hi dean-dean,

    This thread reads like what I am going through right now. Desperate
    for advice, no one can figure out what i need to get Aero running. My PC is
    an HP 500 notebook. I followed the same instructions that you gave to Dan.
    Here are my numbers from the hardware ID:


    Anyone who can interpret and tell me what driver to install/download? Many
    many thanks.

    trish, Sep 8, 2007
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  3. Daniel Hirons

    dean-dean Guest

    You appear to have an Intel 915GM Express chipset. Unfortunately, there is
    no Vista driver available for the embedded graphics for that chipset to
    download. The driver is provided by Microsoft on the Vista install disc.
    See Q3 and Q5 here:

    What is the name of the driver listed when you expand "Display adapter" in
    Device Manager?
    dean-dean, Sep 8, 2007
  4. Daniel Hirons

    piyush Guest

    hello dean-dean,

    my aero feature in vista home premium has stopped workng. i had gone through
    this thread and having much of the same problem Dan had. it would be nice if
    somebody helped..

    notebook model: sony vaio VGN-N320E pre-installed with vista home premium,

    Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
    driver version :
    driver date : 12/13/2006
    hardware IDs :

    the driver update is available but the setup file says "the driver being
    installed is not validated for this computer"

    my Base Score performance index is 3.0 (and aero was working well for past 2
    the DWM(desktop windows mnager) key using the path
    "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM "
    composition REG_DWORD 0* 00000001(1)
    composition policy REG_DWORD 0* 00000000(0)

    i feel after i updated and run the Java jre file and rebooted the system
    ,the problem has erupted...maybe

    thank you to everyone and anyone in advance. somebody solve this mess
    piyush, Oct 17, 2007
  5. Daniel Hirons

    Rogue Guest

    It is probably something that you installed on the computer. You can try to
    see if uninstalling the java JRE cures it, as you said that it started after
    installing this component. I had a problem with one of the components of
    DivX, the web viewer I believe.
    Rogue, Oct 17, 2007
  6. Daniel Hirons

    dean-dean Guest

    dean-dean, Oct 18, 2007
  7. Daniel Hirons

    piyush Guest

    hi dean-dean,
    Thanx very much .i appreciate u for ur effort but things r not working....
    as i told in my earlier post that the driver update was giving an error on
    running the setup.exe file..but....i had downloaded the zip file(not the exe
    file as told by u)

    now i installed the driver manually...and it was successfull
    Also the version is now for my display driver
    i had rebooted the system, updated my score....but for no effect

    i would like to mention that vista theme and aero effect both are not
    displayed in the Personalization is obvious

    and as mentioned by Rogue in the previous post...would it be a nice idea to
    uninstall the Java JRE.....i had read somewhere about java creating Problem
    for aero(but mine is updated to the latest
    Thanx....reply asap
    piyush, Oct 18, 2007
  8. Daniel Hirons

    dean-dean Guest

    In the Registry Editor, go to


    In the right-side pane, look for a REG_DWORD value named "Composition" (NOT
    to be confused with "CompositionPolicy"). Right-click on the name
    "Composition" and delete it. Then log off, and back on.

    Now update your score, and also check to see if Windows Aero is selected as
    the color scheme...
    dean-dean, Oct 18, 2007
  9. Daniel Hirons

    Marco Guest

    thx alot Dean , r ost is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry helpfulll and u helped me ith
    my aero , now i can use tis function as well

    thx again and merry xmas mate
    Marco, Dec 21, 2007
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