Windows defender and forefront client security on W2008

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Peter Lawton, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Peter Lawton

    Peter Lawton Guest

    I'm testing out Windows 2008 server and I notice that it seems to install
    Windows Defender whether I want it or not.

    If I install Forefront Client Security on the server Windows Defender still
    seems to be there and isn't installed.

    Also I can't seem to find any way to completely uninstall Windows Defender,
    it doesn't appear in "Programs and Features" and it doesn't show up in
    Windows installer cleanup.

    The program is there still though as I can use the icon in the start menu to
    turn it on and off still.

    The program is also set to run on startup in the registry

    Assuming Forefront is a superset of Defender functionality I don't need both
    installed, may even be a bad idea to run both at once as they use the same
    engine and a lot of the same executables, does anyone know how to uninstall
    Windows Defender from W2008?
    You'd have expected the Forefront Client Security install to do it for you.


    Peter Lawton
    Peter Lawton, Feb 24, 2008
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