windows directory mapped to network share

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by KRB_IIABA, Dec 14, 2004.


    KRB_IIABA Guest

    We have just recently deployed 2 new webservers running Server 2003
    Enterprise Edition. The servers were brand new fresh install of the OS.

    After the servers were joined to our domain, suddenly the Windows and
    Program Files directories (on the 2 webservers) were mapped to a network
    share on our domain controller. The registry on both of these machines is
    stroon with references to H:\Windows and H:\Program Files (both directories
    on the share match exactly to the directories on the local machines).

    The machines may have been joined to the domain while our admin was logged
    in as himself instead of the local Administrator account. This seems to be
    the only logical explaination I can think of.

    Is there anyone who might have an idea of how this might have happend, AND
    an easy way to fix this. Since we didn't realize this was the situation
    until after the machines were deployed into production, unfortunately and
    'Operation Clean Sweep' is out of the question.

    I appreciate any help!
    KRB_IIABA, Dec 14, 2004
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