Windows Explorer hangs when deleting or renaming files

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by TCTUTOR, Jan 16, 2007.


    TCTUTOR Guest

    I've been running Vista Business Edition RTM since the November 17th release.
    I've begun having problems with Windows Explorer hanging every time I try to
    delete a file, empty the recycle bin, or rename a file. The "Calculating
    Time Remaining" dialog comes up and then just sits there until I eventually
    try to close it (8-10 minutes!) and then I get a message that Windows
    Explorer has quit working, a lot of data collection goes on, and then a
    problem report is sent to Microsoft. It's getting pretty old...does anyone
    have an idea what's going on?

    It may be unrelated, but I suspect the problem may have started around the
    time I loaded Office 2007. I had so many problems with Outlook 2007
    (couldn't get it to run in anything but safe mode, even with all add-ins
    disabled) that I finally unistalled Office 2007 and went back to Office 2003.
    This problem with Windows Explorer hangs began while I had Office 2007
    loaded, and it did not go away when I uninstalled Office 2007. It may be
    unrelated, but...
    TCTUTOR, Jan 16, 2007
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    Chad Harris Guest


    I don't know of any Office 2007 issues that would cause this, but you might
    have a look on the Office group and see if any are there. There also aren't
    any KBs that address this.

    Try some of these steps to reduce CPU demand but first run sfc /scannow from
    an elevated cmd prompt. Right click cmd on your start menu and click "run
    as admin." Type in "sfc /scannow" and lose the quotes. Then...

    Speed PC and Control CPU Tips/Steps



    1) Trim processes you don't need in TM. Google them or "search engine of

    your choice them" if you have to.

    2) Go to

    services.msc in run box and turn off services not needed and there are some.

    Vista Services Guide Part 1

    Vista Services Guide Part 2

    3) Run System File Checker.


    In Vista run it from an elevated command prompt. Right click command on

    start and run as administrator.

    4) Run 3 or so spyware scans Windows Defender, , Adaware, and Spybot

    5) Probably the most important for speed consistently and efficient resource

    use DEFRAG with or with 15% free space on

    drive if DK and or >5% if Raxco's Perfect Disk.

    Download Adaware and

    Spybot from here.

    GOOD Overall Review for Defending Your PC:

    MSFT Defense Site MSFT Security:

    Protect Your PC from MSFT Security:

    MSFT Windows Defender

    MSFT MSRT: (Malicious Software Removal Tool)

    MSFT "Windows One Care" in Wings (AV and Spyware Scans)

    6) Unck items from msconfig start tab you don't need starting and some

    won't start--peoiple who think just uncking for many are naive because there

    are 12 places things can be started including several reg keys like Run Once

    keys and there are serveral.

    7) Turn off Messaging service--it's a security vulnerability and it slows


    8) Defrag very often every other day actually.

    9) Turn off indexing.

    10) Clear TIF and %temp% files (delete) and go to safe mode to get as many

    as u can.

    10) Do troubleshooting with msconfig.

    11) Do Clean boot with msconfig utility and search for the directions here:


    *Vista Services*

    Part One

    Part Two

    Windows Vista Services Tweak Guide v1.0

    Vista RTM Tweak Guide (Tweaks to Improve Performances),GGLJ:2006-47,GGLJ:en&q=vista+rtm+tweak+guide

    1) Task Manager lists the services on the services tab in Vista.

    2) Type services.msc in run box and using the list of services, click the

    service and you'll get a description of services.

    3) There is a list here of the default services and a description>>click

    "default settings for services" in the left pane.

    4) To view service dependencies


    Open Services.


    In the details pane, right-click the service that you want to view

    dependencies for, and then click Properties.


    Click the Dependencies tab.


    To view services that are associated dependencies of the selected service,

    in the list on the Dependencies tab, click the plus sign next to the


    Many of the services but not all in Vista are the same as in XP, so in that


    Also see the extremely helpful site:

    Black Viper's Service List Services.htm

    Black Viper's Site (Many of the same services in Vista) Services.htm

    This will be helpful


    How to troubleshoot by using the System Configuration utility in Windows XP

    Resources for troubleshooting startup problems in Windows XP

    How to perform advanced clean-boot troubleshooting in Windows XP;en-us;316434

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows XP

    How to Disable a Service or Device that Prevents Windows from Starting

    Also ck out these references:,1558,5155,00.asp


    Defragging with a decent defrag every day will make a huge dent inefficient

    resource/CPU use.

    Perfect Disk has a 5 month full functionality trial on now for Windows


    Good luck,

    Chad Harris, Jan 16, 2007
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    Casey Guest

    I'm glad someone else has had this same issue. Whenever I try to delete a
    file, Explorer just hangs.
    I also have the same issue with indexer. Once deleting was hanging, I went
    into the task manager, and saw indexer was taking about 50% of my processor.
    I end-tasked on the indexer, and it stopped hanging on the delete.
    Alas, indexer comes back, and so does the delete problem.
    So, It's a problem with indexer. How to fix it though?
    Casey, Feb 18, 2007
  4. I have this issue, and its not a CPU-related one (when the problem occurs,
    CPU is somewhere between 1 and 5%). My understanding leads me to think its a
    permissions issue, but taking ownership and full control of the files makes
    no difference. Elevating permissions makes zero difference. For info, i did
    the upgrade from XP SP2, to Vista Business edition.

    I'm tempted to do a clean install but I can't back some of my files up
    becuase of this issue!! (occurs when copying, sometimes when clicking on one
    of the files in a "open" dialog box, emptying recycle bin, and deleting
    files). Most files are fine - just a few of these rogue files that are
    driving me nuts!
    johnnyboy2007, Feb 24, 2007

    Ironic77 Guest

    Had the same problem just now on SP1 with latest fixes

    This helped

    I looked in services.msc and discovered that the Windows Search servic
    was in a "stopping" state. That is, it appeared to be hung in tha
    state. The same would apply if you see the process stuck at 25% (qua
    core) or 50% (dual core) or 100% (single core)

    I opened Task Manager, found the SearchIndexer.exe process and kille
    it (you'll need to show processes from all users, requirin
    administrator privledges). Then, I restarted the "Windows Search
    service (I may be crazy, but I like search when it's working normally)

    Upon doing so, my machine started behaving normally again -- I ca
    rename files without explorer.exe hanging. The search service is als
    working normally and the performance has improved

    Hope this helps
    Ironic77, Nov 19, 2008

    vpcoded Guest

    I registered just to say thank you on this thread. I could not figur
    out what the hell was going on found this thread issue fixed.
    vpcoded, Dec 30, 2008

    qwerty66666 Guest

    Stopping the Indexing service also worked for me. After rebooting
    also had tell Vista to re-index my hardrive(s) and reboot a seconds tim
    so vista could do the re-index. To do this I click on the program men
    and searched for 'indexing'. I clicked on 'advance' which hung indexin
    so I stopped the SearchIndexer.exe process in taskmanager. After doin
    this the advance window showed up and I clicked on 'restore defaults'.
    I recieved a message to that I would need to reboot to restore th
    default and rebuild the indexing. After rebooting everything appears t
    be back to normal
    qwerty66666, Feb 24, 2009

    wec1 Guest

    This worked. Thanks

    Now I hate to be conspiratorial but this happened just after I got rid of
    Internet Explorer and installed Firefox. Coincidence?
    wec1, Mar 4, 2009

    flitflyzoom Guest

    I registered just to say thank you--I've been looking for a solution to
    the very same problem for hours and this was the one thing that worked.
    Thanks so much!
    flitflyzoom, Jun 17, 2009
  10. It could be that you installed something recently and it is causing a race
    condition within explorer.
    James Matthews, Jun 17, 2009

    JEWboy Guest

    I might be off topic, but FYI:
    If you'rem processing files on a network, ESPECIALLy if the other end is
    WindowsXp and your end is WinVista, you need to turn off Autotuning Feature.

    Run from Start-->Run menu this command:
    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

    You can always reenable it later, but I'v enot seen anyone who'd care to
    reenable this PEST.
    It does NOT apply to processing files on your local/harddrive, so if your
    problem is not over the network, ignore this post
    JEWboy, Jun 17, 2009

    Brenda_D Guest

    This worked for me and I just wanted to say thanks to Ironic77.
    Brenda_D, Jun 18, 2009
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