Windows Failed to Start! Confused out of my mind!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Tiffany87, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Tiffany87

    Tiffany87 Guest

    Hello, trying to find a a place to get help with vista.

    Heres the situation on my laptop. I did something you shouldn't do earlier
    today. I was in a hurry and held the Power Button until the pc shut off.
    Instead of shutting down properly, i know.

    Now hours later i tried to boot up and now i get this error. I have windows
    vista home premium 32bit.


    Then it lists options like "last good configuration or safe mode" Ive tried
    them all. Also, as the computer attempts to restart with the green vista bar
    moving back and forth. i get a blue flash before that error. But the flash is
    so fast i have no idea what Blue screen error it is.

    I've tried entering system recovery by pressing f11 like hp says right
    before startup. Not working.

    I've also tried booting my Windows vista upgrade CD. The computer tells me
    its loading windows files, and the bar loads. I get no options after the
    loading ends. computer screen just stays BLACK but lit up. And it stays like

    I am lost, confused and SCARED. this is a Hp 2125nr laptop less than a year
    old. how on earth does this happen by turning it off wrong. and if things
    wern't worse, all my attempts to start fresh and reinstal windows or repair
    windows has failed. and it wont enter system recovery. so im lost. PLEASE i
    need a miracle.

    If you cannot help me with the problem at hand, please please suggest a
    place i should go online for help. I couldnt find the support with Microsoft
    i could use to get live help. I am not a newbie, im usually pretty good with
    do it yourself and i usually can figure out any problem without help. But in
    this case i did something stupid by shutting off pc wrong, but who would ever
    ever expect this to come of it????

    Please help me someone out there. lol
    Tiffany87, Nov 10, 2007
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  2. Tiffany87

    FigN64 Guest

    If you have a progam like Spinrite 6 you should check and see if the phyical
    hard drive is ok. If it checks out ok and you can afford to loose all data on
    your drive I would repartition your hard drive and reformat. If you can't get
    into windows to do this you can use something like Gpart which is a bootable
    partition manager. This would be my last choice of course because you will
    loose everything on yoour hard drive. After you do that you should be able to
    reinstall Windows. I had something close to this problem with XP. I was
    trying to install and it would get to the screen where it was decting
    hardware and just stay there for ever. I took out the hard drive and put it
    into another machine repartitioned and reformated. I put the hard drive back
    in and all was good.
    Please use this advice at your own risk.
    FigN64, Nov 10, 2007
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