Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by SparkS, May 23, 2008.

  1. SparkS

    SparkS Guest

    I believe I have it all set up but I have a question I cannot find an
    answer for.
    Is it possible to use this in conjunction with a regular phone answering
    machine? If I have the ans mach answer on fewer rings than this program the
    program will not have a chance to kick in. I've set the program to receive a
    fax on fewer rings than my ans mach will answer. If after the program
    attempts to receive a fax if the incoming call is not a fax will it still
    allow my phone to keep ringing so my ans machine will kick in?

    I truly doubt anyone would ever send me a fax but being a puter person I'm
    curious about this.


    SparkS, May 23, 2008
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  2. SparkS

    Nonny Guest


    If you want to use the fax and your answering machine, there is a
    device (costs about sixty bucks as I recall) that will sense if the
    incoming call is a fax. If it is, it directs the call to the
    fax/computer... if not, it will direct it to your phone/machine.

    Go to and search for "fax/voice switch"
    Nonny, May 23, 2008
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  3. There are programs which will recognise whether the incoming call is fax or
    voice and record it appropriately. For these to work, the computer must
    always be on or in Sleep with the modem set to wake the machine in the BIOS
    and Device Manager.

    If you are using Windows Fax and Scan, you should set the voice answering
    machine as you like and set Windows Fax and Scan to manual receive. You will
    need to be present if a fax call is received as you will need to start the
    fax reception manually.

    If Windows Fax and Scan answers the call your voice answering machine will
    never pick it up since the rings, which your answering machine is counting,
    will have stopped.
    Dominic Payer, May 23, 2008
  4. SparkS

    SparkS Guest

    Thank you both for sharing your expertise with a neophyte. I'll answer both
    in this reply and save a bit of space.

    Since I doubt anyone would actually ever fax me I think I'll let it alone.
    I know how to send out faxes now so that may be of use?

    Having to be here to manually receive the fax seems pretty ridiculous and
    I can't see spending the money for the device that was mentioned. How does
    one know if it's a fax coming in and not a normal call? Seeing a known fax
    phone number appearing on the caller ID would work.Again it's not worth
    monkeying around with my BIOS & device manager. This complete piece of
    garbage Vista has enough problems as it is!

    Thanks again for the valuable info.

    Who knows I may get curious again and check into the software route?

    I had forgotten how terribly slow Fax is. I remember copying news photos
    and WX maps off shortwave radio at home but I guess I'm showing my age now.

    SparkS, May 24, 2008
  5. A fax switch works by answering the call and listening for a fax tone. If a
    fax tone is heard, the call is switched to the fax machine, otherwise it is
    switched to the voice line. The caller is paying for the call from the
    moment the call is answered by the fax switch. This is not a good solution
    if you receive faxes rarely.

    Software solutions do the same, but a delay - number of rings - can be set
    before the call is answered.

    If you have a US Robotics or 3Com modem, is
    a free software solution.
    Dominic Payer, May 24, 2008
  6. SparkS

    SparkS Guest

    Doesn't seem that would allow an answering machine to pick up once the
    switch answered the call if it wasn't a fx.

    Don't have a clue, is internal and I never needed to know what it was.

    Is a PCI Soft Data Fax modem. I thought if it was one that you mentioned I
    might try that software.

    I really don't need any of it since I know I'll never get an incoming fax
    I haven't scheduled ahead of time.
    SparkS, May 25, 2008
  7. A fax switch generates rings on the line after it has decided which line to
    transfer the call to. The answering machine will respond after the set
    number of rings.
    Dominic Payer, May 25, 2008
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