windows fax scanner: blank fax sent?!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi there,
    trying to send a .doc file (word 97/2000/xp) created by openoffice writer as a fax by choosing print tab, -> fax ("windows fax scanner", o.s vista business).
    But it often happens the preview is just a blank page and a blank fax is sent!
    What's the problem? Thanks!
    Guest, Mar 28, 2014
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  2. The first ideas I get are a bug in OpenOffice or a bug in your fax

    It's also not impossible that it's user error.
    Gene E. Bloch, Mar 28, 2014
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I forgot to specify that this problem happens with multi pages documents it could be an openoffice bug?
    Guest, Mar 28, 2014
  4. That's interesting, even weird. I still think it could be either OO or
    the driver, but I really don't know how to find out.

    Odds are there are no new drivers to try for vista. Which printer is it?

    OK - I just got an idea. How abut installing one of the other free
    office suites? In fact OpenOffice has been supplanted by LibreOffice, so
    you might want to try that. I imagine that KingSoft Office will work on
    Vista as well. If one or another of these programs works OK, then it was
    OO, otherwise the printer driver or even the printer itself.

    "The project was closed by Oracle Corporation, the then-owner of Sun, in
    April 2011.[11] Active successor projects include Apache OpenOffice,
    LibreOffice and NeoOffice"
    Gene E. Bloch, Mar 28, 2014
  5. "" wrote in message

    I suggest switching to, and trying, LibreOffice to generate said FAX.
    David H. Lipman, Mar 29, 2014
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Same problem with Libreoffice 4.2.2 (I've got A.O.O. 4.1).
    But I can send the same file using a different "fax function" instead of "windows fax scanner", the one of a Canon inkjet multifunction printer (MX 895).
    My printer is a Dell 5110cn but it doesn't have any fax modem in it..."windows fax scanner" software uses my pc inbuilt fax modem...
    Do u think I have to install the latest and specific Dell's drivers? Thanks!
    Guest, Mar 29, 2014
  7. I don't know. In your situation, I would try the new drivers and keep
    my fingers crossed. But I am an experimenter...

    Another thought is that maybe you can save the files as doc, docx, or
    pdf, and send them by another program, maybe a third party fax program -
    or do what worked above, by using the Canon software.

    My printer can send and receive faxes, but my current phone system
    doesn't support fax :)
    Gene E. Bloch, Mar 29, 2014
  8. And there is Kingsoft Office, also a free office suite. Probably others

    But in the few seconds since I sent the previous reply, I also thought
    that it might be that the problem is with the Windows fax function,
    based on what you said...
    Gene E. Bloch, Mar 29, 2014
  9. Guest

    Paul Guest

    Some things I'd try:

    1) Change the "fit to page" setting on the print driver.
    Perhaps it's a scaling or rotation error. Perhaps the
    document is landscape and the fax only does portrait
    (a software limitation). Eons ago, I used to have problems
    like that, where a "blank page" happened, because the page
    was actually rotated off the print surface.

    2) The freebie office tools may also have a save/export to PDF
    option. Perhaps, with a clean PDF in hand, you could try
    sending the PDF version, using something else. If the PDF is also
    blank, then you know it's not the FAX hand-off which is broken.

    "Printing" type functions are wondrous, in that so many
    of them are broken. It seems we can land a robot on Mars,
    but we can't print half the time. You'd swear it was
    brain surgery.

    FAX is particularly simple, in that your document tool only
    needs to prepare a bitmap version of the document for transmission.
    And that's practically on your screen right now. That's why
    it's so sad, when the tool can't manage to transfer that
    stuff, to the FAX portion of the solution.

    Paul, Mar 30, 2014
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I followed your hint, saved a 2 pages document, exported as a pdf file (using my usual A.O.O. 4.1) then print -> fax-> windows fax scanner and now it's no more blank, the 2 pages are there ready for the fax trasmission!
    Can you explain me plainly what my problem was and how was bypassed?
    Guest, Mar 30, 2014
  11. The fax functions in OOO are broken and it was bypassed by - wait for it
    - bypassing those functions.

    And LibreOffice might not have fallen far enough from the tree to have
    fixed those functions.

    I repeat: try Kingsoft, just for fun.
    Gene E. Bloch, Mar 30, 2014
  12. I think the idea of saving the file as a pdf and then sending it as a
    fax is a great idea.

    In fact I suggested it myself :)

    Message-ID: <1v90gdq8lp9jt$>

    And it worked, apparently.
    Gene E. Bloch, Mar 30, 2014
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Broken for a 2 pages fax and not broken for 1 page fax? That's odd!
    I'm gonna try Kingsoft then I'll let u know.
    Guest, Mar 31, 2014
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