Windows Genuine Advantage Notification update

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Lyn, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Well, I'm also getting this error, so that's three of us having the same
    Lyn, Jun 7, 2006
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  2. Three of whom?
    What error exactly? (Although I could assume from the subject. heh)

    You posted (from what I can see) a new message. Please reply to the thread
    this was obviously intended for - as i am sure there likely has been some
    help (and also endless discussion that has nothing to do with help) in said
    thread. =)
    Shenan Stanley, Jun 7, 2006
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  3. Lyn

    jsteph Guest

    I believe Lyn's problem may similar to those described in the posts with
    subject KB905474, which is the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool.
    I have just encountered the same problem: The installation of the update
    failed. The exact error code, for my computer at least, is 0x80242006. I
    restarted my computer and tried again the reinstall KB905474 -- installation
    failed again.
    jsteph, Jun 7, 2006
  4. Lyn

    carni1 Guest

    Make that 4!
    carni1, Jun 7, 2006
  5. yea me to same problem

    windows genuine advantage notifications, Jun 7, 2006
  6. I think she's looking at Leadfootlady's "Windows update failed" thread.
    It's entirely about KB905474 and pretty focused on frustration.

    My advice matches my actions - allow others to beta test Notifications.
    Decline the update, hide it, and endure the "Important!" notice at WU.
    When it doesn't require a EULA, that might be a good time to accept it.
    Michael Jennings, Jun 7, 2006
  7. Lyn

    William Guest the threads ...lots of people having the same problem ...even reports
    of the tool not accepting known good ids after the update fails ...complete
    reinstalls don't fix it is taking their sweet time in responding to
    this ...and worse yet, on other systems hereit still shows as a waiting
    update, meaning they have yet to pull it down.

    William, Jun 7, 2006
  8. Lyn

    Sergio Guest

    Here's what I got when it tried to automatically update it:

    " Installation Failure

    Error Code: 0x80242006
    Try to install the update again, or request help from one of the following

    For self-help options:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Find Solutions
    Windows Update Newsgroup

    For assisted support options:

    Microsoft Online Assisted Support (no-cost for issues related to getting
    updates) ".

    As you see, it's a common ailment; I'm sure they'll (Microsoft) get to it
    eventually. My system has been validated before it tried to install this
    Sergio, Jun 7, 2006
  9. Lyn

    Mel Guest

    Even stranger, I was getting this same error trying to install the KB905474
    update. Then while I was looking at my list of recently & successfully
    installed updates, there is the same KB905474 update back in late April,
    early May. In other words, I successfully installed it once, but now it's
    coming back & saying I need to install it again, at which point it fails.
    Mel, Jun 7, 2006
  10. Lyn

    George Guest

    Make that at least four of us!!

    George, Jun 7, 2006
  11. Lyn

    Deborah Guest

    Same problem. I installed it on May 3rd. Now it says it needs to be
    installed, but fails repeatedly, and states that I am "at risk".
    Deborah, Jun 7, 2006
  12. In case you ran into the 0x80242006 error, give a manual download of the
    most actual version a try:

    The 0x80242006 error is a general download error. Obiviously at least
    some servers of the WU/MU/AU services aren't up to date yet and are
    trying to download/install the *outdated* version of KB905474...

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Jun 7, 2006
  13. Me, too. Mine installed May 23, but the new version June 7 repeatedly fails.
    Junior Bodine, Jun 7, 2006
  14. Lyn

    Joe Guest

    Joe, Jun 7, 2006
  15. Lyn

    Joe Guest

    After a successfull download it keeps telling me to download again. After
    second newer wga file it cause my pc to give a message saying unable to
    disable connection when i try to do disconnect from internet. I restored back
    a few days and runs fine but still asks to update again. tried to post log
    but too large any hints on how to post it.
    Joe, Jun 7, 2006
  16. Lyn

    Mel Guest


    I used your link and manually downloaded & installed the KB905474 update
    file - and that worked for me. For the time being anyway !

    Mel, Jun 7, 2006
  17. Fine and thanks for letting us know! :)

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Jun 7, 2006
  18. Well that's a totally different problem than most of the others had
    have since the last one or two days.

    Have you tried "wgatray.exe /b"? Enter it under "Run" in the Startmenu
    and see if that fixes your problem. In case you have a third party
    Personal Firewall software installed, make sure to let wgatray.exe
    connect to the internet.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Jun 7, 2006
  19. This automatic update failed repeatedly so I tried the manual update (2nd
    link) as you suggested. Now when I go into Windows Update, I am informed that
    there are no more critical updates available. So your suggestion is an
    excellent workaround until or if Microsoft fixes this problem. Thanks.

    Richard Schneider, Jun 7, 2006
  20. Lyn

    Alias Guest

    What for? I have it blocked using my Sygate firewall on three computers
    with no problems whatsoever. I see no reason to let the spyware spy on me.

    Alias, Jun 7, 2006
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