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Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by bluetooth, May 14, 2010.

  1. bluetooth

    bluetooth Guest

    About 4 days ago I noticed a site called Windows Live ID. It suggested to
    set up a profile and promised that with a single username and password you
    could log on to all Windows Live applications such as Hotmail, Windows Live
    Messenger, Windows Live Mail etc. etc. I thought what a good idea, not
    having to have 10 different usernames and passwords, so I used my old
    hotmail adress and username to set up a profile. But the ID said I coildn't
    use my hotmail for some reason, can't remember what. A few hours later I
    logged on to Windows Live Messenger as I have done for years, with my
    hotmail address. But couldn't log on. Got the message that my email
    (hotmail) or username was invalid. I tried several times with same result.
    So went back to Windows Live ID and set up a new email adress and new
    username, went back to Messenger, logged on with the new mail and voila! I
    logged on. But ALL my friends had vanished!
    So why couldn't I use my hotmail? where are all my friends? (under the old
    hotmail adress ofcourse) How do I get them back? How can I delete Windows
    Live Messenger? I can't find it anywhere on my computer where you delete
    programmes. I can't install an older version of Messenger because I already
    have Live Messenger installed! What'a going on with all that Windows Live
    crap? What's goin on with Microsoft? No support anywhere. Someone suggested
    to delete Messenger press Start, write appviz.cpl - press enter. My computer
    can't find anything called appviz.cpl.
    I appologize for this long entry but I really hope someone can help, coz
    Microsoft can't or wont.
    Regards Bluetooth
    bluetooth, May 14, 2010
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  2. Why? It looks as if you are just having a problem configuring your
    And your OS is? (Always disclose your OS and version when you are looking
    for help.)
    See above link? (Windows Live Solution Center)

    I wouldn't give up yet but in general we don't "delete" applications, we
    uninstall them. ; )

    BTW appviz looks like a product for the Mac. Perhaps someone was making
    a comment about Windows in general and you missed a joke?

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, May 15, 2010
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  3. bluetooth

    bluetooth Guest

    Robert Aldwinckle, sorry, I'm Danish, so "delete" and "uninstall" is the
    same to me.
    And how do I do that? how do I configure my account so I can log on wit my
    Hotmail email again and get all my friends back?

    I have Vista Home Premium Servicepack 2

    I'm not a computer wizzard, I don't know a thing about Mac and therefore
    probabbly missed a joke.
    I'll check out the link to livehelp and hope to find a solution
    there.Thanks. Bluetooth
    bluetooth, May 15, 2010

  4. Oops. I engaged "web search tool" before thinking. I now suspect this is a
    typo. E.g. one way of generalizing a method of getting into the Uninstall
    tool of any version of Windows is to suggest: Run... (e.g. press Win-R
    and enter:)

    control.exe appwiz.cpl


    Robert Aldwinckle, May 15, 2010
  5. ok for starters windows live messenger is now listed in the add remove
    programs as windows live essentials. it is no longer under messenger as it
    used to be.

    as for configuring accounts. there may be a problem with the password
    somehow which would keep you from logging in. try doing a password reset
    either by location and question or by alternate e mail address (assuming you
    set one up when you created the account) windows live id has been around for
    a while now I don't remember when it fully started. but if you haven;t used
    the account for a while there is a possibility that it has been deleted.
    otherwise just reset the password and you dhould be able to get everything
    back without any problem.
    Rage Skywolfe, May 17, 2010
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