Windows Live Mail 2012 (16.4.3503)

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Andrea M., Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Andrea M.

    Andrea M. Guest

    Andrea M., Aug 9, 2012
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  2. Andrea M.

    StephenB Guest

    Why would someone dowonload from filehippo instead of from the original source?

    Information on what's new:

    Nothing new in Windows Live Mail.

    The installer will remove Windows Live Mesh if it is installed.
    StephenB, Aug 9, 2012
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  3. Andrea M.

    ...winston Guest

    Not much is new...the link at the bottom of this post provides info on changes in Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, the primary
    purpose of this release. The rest of the applications are intact as they have been for quite some time.

    Windows Live Essentials 2012
    Build version 16.4.3503.0728

    Links are to the Microsoft server (not third party hosting sites)
    Full version installer

    Web Version Installer

    WLE 2012 will uninstsall/remove Live Mesh
    Requires .NET 3.5
    Will install Microsoft SkyDrive Desktop app (by default)
    Will change the name of Live Photo Gallery to Windows Photo Gallery
    Will change the name of Live Movie Maker to Windows Movie Maker

    Updates are for Photo Gallery and Movie Maker (not Mail or Messenger)...and
    as noted Live Mesh **will be removed**

    For specifics on Photo Gallery and Movie Maker update see

    msft mvp mail

    "Andrea M." wrote in message
    Just seen on

    Dont know yet what is new.

    ...winston, Aug 10, 2012
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