Windows Live mail beta keeps saying I am offline

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Jeanette, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Jeanette

    Jeanette Guest

    I am trying to install it on Windows XP SP2. All updates are
    installed and its patched.

    Each time I try to run the install for the windows live mail desktop
    it keeps telling me I don't have an internet connection.

    I am using cable and its direct Ethernet.

    Even if I don't save the file just download and open it keeps saying
    I don't have a connection?

    Everything else seems to see the internet?

    I am not even using anything but the default windows firewall.

    Anyone have an idea why it won't see the internet connection?


    Jeanette, Sep 9, 2007
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  2. Is your link PPPoE? E.g check with ipconfig /all in a cmd window.

    I think the problem may be that sometimes an application doesn't detect
    the PPPoE adapter but then finds it can connect through the "Local Area Connection".
    I suspect that the WL installer doesn't accept the latter possibility and then
    decides that you are "offline".

    Note that OE6 does the same thing. E.g. sometimes it shows that it has connections
    via the PPPoE adapter and sometimes it shows that it is using the Local Area one.
    BTW when this happens there are often performance issues with OE6, particularly
    regarding sending.

    FWIW I found after closing everything that had a Local Area connection (e.g. OE6 and IE7)
    and then reestablishing the link (e.g. Ctrl-Esc, T, ...) and then using OE6 to confirm that
    it its connections were being made over the PPPoE adapter, that the WL installer finally
    figured out that I really did have an Internet connection and was not "offline".


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Sep 20, 2007
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  3. For heavens sake, why would you want your PC to take the performance hit
    associated with doing the PPPoE chore, when modern routers and/or the
    DSL modem will easily handle that?
    Gary VanderMolen, Sep 20, 2007

  4. Dunno. It seemed the simplest and easiest to understand. ; )

    My modem is now acting as a bridge. It could also act as a router or firewall and do NAT, RIP,
    DNS Relay, IP Filtering, etc. (I had to go into the modem's home page to find the word "bridge".
    All I could remember was that it started with "b" and it wasn't a router or firewall. <w>)

    However, not letting the modem do DNS was deliberate. My ISP's DNS (or XP's handling
    of it) is flakey enough that I wanted better visibility for it, so I could diagnose outages more
    easily using XP.

    Robert Aldwinckle, Sep 20, 2007
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