Windows live Mail delets mail from my hotmail account

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Govind, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Govind

    Govind Guest

    I just got windows live mail and set it up. I noticed that it automatically
    deletes mail from my hotmail account. When i log into i see no
    emails in my inbox. However i do see mail on my iphone and windows live mail.
    I have used webmail for over 15 years and like to have a copy on the web. I
    log into hotmail from different computers to check my mail and cannot load
    windows live mail for my work pc.
    I clicked on tools>accounts> selected my account under mail> properties.
    At this point i was looking for the advanced tab. However i only have
    general, server, connection and security.

    I would greatly apprecaite any help i can get to resolve this issue.

    Thank You
    Govind, Nov 12, 2009
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  2. Govind

    Ron Sommer Guest

    Http access doesn't have an Advanced tab. Http access mirrors the hotmail
    Is your view set to Show all messages? Alt + V, Show or hide, Show all
    Ron Sommer, Nov 12, 2009
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  3. If your Hotmail account is set up as HTTP, you should see the same
    messages in WLM under the Hotmail account as you do the web interface.
    Anything you do in WLM affects the web mail. If you delete a message in
    WLM it gets deleted in web mail. If you move a message out of the
    Hotmail folders in WLM to a storage folder, that will delete the message
    from the web mail.

    I'm guessing that your iPhone is using POP3 access. Check the settings
    there to make sure that it isn't set to delete messages from the server
    on download. That's a POP3 option and in many mail clients it is the
    Michael Santovec, Nov 12, 2009
  4. Govind

    ...winston Guest

    The iPhone and iPod Touch both use Pop3 to access your Hotmail account(, or
    Pop3 access for Hotmail by design, if the email client is not configured to leave messages on the server, will first download a
    copy of the message to the local email client; second, the message that existed in the Hotmail inbox is moved to the web UI Deleted
    folder as an unread item; 3rd, it will remain in the web UI Deleted folder for five days before permanent deletion.

    To ensure the iPhone is configured to leave messages on the Hotmail server for access in a different email client...then check your
    account settings on the iPhone.
    - Note: The same would be required of any other email client(using Pop3) to retrieve Hotmail messages from the web UI to ensure
    messages can be read on both devices.
    ...winston, Nov 18, 2009
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