Windows Live Mail hogging CPU – renders itself and XP into slow, slow, slow mode . . .

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Stan Shankman, May 23, 2008.

  1. WLM hogging CPU
    Renders itself and XP into slow mode . . .

    Greetings newsgroupers,

    I have been using WLM for a few weeks now.
    When I first loaded and ran it, WLM brought over all of my Outlook Express
    messages and accounts – took it a long time too!
    Yet once installed, it stared out working okay however it did seem to run a
    little slow – at least by comparison to Outlook Express. I was starting to
    like WLM, and could live with the slight slowness. But in the past few days,
    things have gotten much worse.
    I am using WLM even now to post this message. So it is not entirely
    disabled, but, things are not right.
    (In fact, I just checked and right now CPU usage is normal for WLM. – Maybe
    this problem only arises when I am in the “Mail†tab. ??)

    Here are my symptoms:
    When I first start Windows Live Mail, it runs off and completes its message
    gathering operations okay. I can use it for a brief few seconds right after
    it first starts, but then spontaneously and unexpectedly it starts hogging
    big CPU. It is difficult for me to fully characterize this problem, but WLM
    just start eating a lot of CPU. I do not know what it is doing. It happens
    over and over, and I must force closed WLM if I am to use my computer. One
    time I left it run in that high-CPU-state overnight, hoping that maybe it
    was simply doing some internal housecleaning or some such thing. But in the
    morning, task manager still reported over 90% CPU usage. I cannot use WLM in
    this state. The entire computer runs at a crawl because of it, and I am
    forced to use task manager to kill WLM so I can regain control of my
    machine. (Windows XP Pro)
    And now, I am totally dependent on WLM for all my messaging needs, and it
    has created a serious difficulty for me.

    Also, note this:
    I have an extraordinarily large collection of messages. And I subscribe to
    quite a few newsgroups (and news servers), and have an extensive archive of
    past saves for those messages too. The bottom line is, I have a large data
    Yes, I do my backups.
    Oh, and I do not run any virus or spyware programs other than Windows Live
    One Care.
    My machine is (has been) well behaved, and I do not suspect any memory or
    other hardware problems.
    I only have problems with WLM.

    What must I now do to get WLM to start behaving properly?
    Thanks all,

    - Stan

    Oh oh, even as I composed this mail, WLM spontaneously started using big
    CPU. Task Manager now reports WLM at over 80%.
    I hope this message will send! And I hope I am able to read any replies.
    Stan Shankman, May 23, 2008
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  2. Are you perhaps running Windows Desktop Search? I've seen a number of
    reports of problems with that program.

    Also in Tools, Options, General, is WLM set to check for messages every
    XX minutes? If so, set that for no more often then every 15 minutes and
    see if it makes any difference.
    Michael Santovec, May 23, 2008
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  3. Stan Shankman

    me Guest

    me, Jun 7, 2008
  4. Stan Shankman

    me Guest

    I also am running Windows Live Mail. It was ok in the beginning but lately,
    my machine grinds to almost a complete halt and once I kill the wlm process,
    it runs fine.

    I likethe application, but this is killing me.

    me, Jun 7, 2008
  5. Stan Shankman

    Guest Guest

    How much RAM memory does that machine have? Some of the larger
    programs tend to go into a heavily paging mode if you're short of memory
    for their requirements.
    Guest, Jun 8, 2008
  6. Stan Shankman

    me Guest

    I have 1.2gig according to 'system' in control panel
    me, Jun 8, 2008
  7. Stan Shankman

    Charles Guest

    I get the same thing. I'm posting this through the online communities
    because the newsgroup support is unusable.

    If I start up WLM, and hit newsgroups, then my memory consumption counts up
    by about 6 meg chunks up to 450+ megs, and then sits there. I have 11
    newsgroups loaded. FWIW, I'm running a 3500+ Athlon64 processor against 2
    gigs of RAM and 512 megs on a video card.

    I also have to disable SETI @ home, which runs in background, to even be
    able to close WLM and recover.

    Reproducing it is easy in my case, so I'm going to have to wait until
    Microsoft fixes it.
    Charles, Jul 10, 2008
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