Windows mail brojen after importing mails from Outlook Express

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Jean-Pierre, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Jean-Pierre

    Jean-Pierre Guest

    I imported mails coming from Outlook Express in Windows Mail using the Import
    menu. First time I opened windows Mail it worked fine and all mails and
    folders were correctly imported. But the second time, the folders were still
    present but I could not display any message (including from Inbox). And on
    the third time, only some folders are still present and when I want to
    display a file, I get a message (in French): the message cannot be displayed.
    I cannot either save new mails. The funny thing is that I can read my mails
    by closing Windows Mail and clicking directly on the eml files. Of course it
    is not very convenient...

    Can someone help me? do I need to reinstall Windows Mail
    Jean-Pierre, Jan 20, 2008
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  2. Jean-Pierre

    Guest Guest

    Windows Mail is very hard to uninstall or reinstall without taking the
    rest of Vista with it. However, it often helps to delete the email
    account under Windows Mail and then create it again.

    This fix was intended for something else, but sometimes helps:

    If you don't know whether to use the 32-bit version or the 64-bit
    version, try the 32-bit version first. Certain common antivirus
    programs, such as most of those from Norton or McAfee, or
    a recent one from Trend, cause various problems in Windows
    Mail, although seldom immediately, so if you have such a program,
    remember where to find the fix - you are likely to need it again.
    Guest, Jan 20, 2008
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    Administrator, Jan 21, 2008
    Administrator, Jan 21, 2008
  5. Jean-Pierre

    Jean-Pierre Guest

    I cannot read you answer. Did you write something?
    Jean-Pierre, Jan 23, 2008
  6. Jean-Pierre

    Jean-Pierre Guest

    Thank you for your answer. The fix did not help. I could not delete my
    account because apparently it was not there anymore... I tried to create a
    new one but it does not connect anymore to the mail server...
    Jean-Pierre, Jan 23, 2008
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