Windows Mail conflicts with TrendMicro Antivirus software (?)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Ron Weinberger, May 17, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    My new Dell XPS 1330 with Windows Vista Ultimate was purchased with
    TrendMicro antivirus installed. All worked reasonably well until automatic
    updates installed for TrendMicro and I installed Windows Service Pack 1.
    Windows Mail stopped working shortly after with error message 0x800CCC15
    after send /receive is pressed. Also, after trying again, sometimes error
    message 0x800CCC19 comes up. This is not a problem with my POP server as I
    can send and receive on my other computer running XP. The Vista computer
    was restored to prior to the updates but the problem persisted. Dell support
    finally disabled TrendMicro and called this a fix, and suggested that I buy
    Norton antivirus. Maybe I should, but I've already bought a 3 year
    subscription to TrendMicro as recommended by Dell in their sales website, so
    I'm reluctant to do that. Also, it worked before so I think it may be a
    Windows problem. Any answers/ comments?

    Ron Weinberger, May 17, 2008
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  2. Ron Weinberger

    Bruce Hagen Guest

    Your subject should be reversed. TrendMicro conflicts with WinMail.

    What is the complete error message? Can I assume it mentions a time-out or
    lack of activity? Please post it.

    **Do not** waste your money on anything made by Symantec, AKA Norton. Do not
    waste it on McAfee.

    The first thing you want to try is removing e-mail scanning in TM.

    Turn off e-mail scanning in your anti-virus program. It is a redundant layer
    of protection that eats up CPUs, slows down sending and receiving, and
    causes a multitude of problems such as time-outs, account setting changes
    and has even been responsible for lose of messages. Your up-to-date A/V
    program will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more, see:

    Note that for some AV programs, it may be necessary to uninstall the program
    and reinstall in Custom Mode and opt out of e-mail scanning when the option

    If all else fails, chalk the three year contract with TM as a learning
    experience and download a /good/ anti-virus program like Avast which is
    better, IMO, and free.

    Choose Custom Installation and under Resident Protection, uncheck: Internet
    Mail and Outlook/Exchange.

    Bruce Hagen, May 17, 2008
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  3. Ron Weinberger

    DL Guest

    I'd have thought that if TrendMicro is really conflicting with Mail, Trend
    would have released a fix, and if as you state you purchased the
    subscription, then Trend would be the people to seek support from.
    DL, May 17, 2008
  4. Ron Weinberger

    Guest Guest

    Trend, Norton, and McAfee have been very reluctant to even admit
    that their antivirus programs even cause problems in Windows Mail,
    much less put any effort into fixing them. Since you have a subscription
    with Trend, they should at least pay more attention to any complaints
    you send them about it, especially if you tell them you are thinking
    about uninstalling their program and installing some other antivirus
    program instead. If the Trend antivirus program offers you any way
    to send them such complaints, I suggest that you use it before you
    plan to uninstall the program.

    In the complaint, you could suggest that they try running their program
    and Windows Mail on the same machine, with a rather high percentage
    of viruses in the incoming mail and incoming newsgroup posts, to see
    if this decreases the time required to see such errors.

    Also suggest that they try it on both a machine with the Vista SP1
    update and one without it, in case that makes a difference.
    Guest, May 17, 2008
  5. Any frequent reader of this newsgroup would know that Trend Micro
    causes problems with Windows Mail (as do most Norton and McAfee
    security products). It's not that there is something wrong with Vista,
    it is more an issue of the antivirus programmers taking illegal shortcuts,
    which often doesn't show up until an update comes along. Most of the
    other antivirus vendors had no problem making their products compatible
    with Vista. If you don't want to spend any more money on this, download
    and install one of the compatible free choices:

    AVG free edition:
    Avast free edition:

    With either of those, during the install phase you must select custom
    install, and then deselect the email scanning option.
    Gary VanderMolen, May 17, 2008
  6. Sorry, this is the first time I became aware that there was such a group.
    I'm learning about how this works by trial and (mostly) error. The "help"
    file is kind of sketchy. To comment or reply to question, do you just go to
    'Reply Group' as I'm trying now? What about the message asking about
    'communities features' and sending this 'reply to the entire newsgroup'?
    Again, sorry about my ignorance.
    Ron Weinberger, May 17, 2008
  7. Ron Weinberger

    ...winston Guest

    ...winston, May 18, 2008
  8. Yes, use "Reply Group". You can safely ignore the other stuff.
    Gary VanderMolen, May 18, 2008
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