Windows Mail - select recipients from Contacts only

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Victor, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Victor

    Victor Guest


    I'm using now Windows Mail for my personal mail.

    When I Create a New Message and then click on the To: button to select the
    recipients for the new message then a list of the addresses of all my
    previous messages (sent and received) comes up for selection.
    That -although useful- is not what I really want; I'd like to see the list
    of addresses from my Contacts only.

    I've been browsing throughout the commands, configurations and options to
    set Contacts as my default list of recipients but I haven't been able to find
    anything to do that.

    Any ideas?

    Victor, Mar 29, 2008
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  2. Victor

    Dave Guest

    When you click on the To:, you should see all of the contacts in your
    Contacts folder.
    Perhaps you have unknowingly been adding contacts to the folder, via the
    "automatically put people I reply to in my Contacts list" setting? It's
    under Tools - Options - Send

    When you open the Contacts folder, do you see the same contacts?
    Dave, Mar 29, 2008
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  3. Victor

    Victor Guest

    Hi Dave, thanks.

    Yes, I have that option set in my configuration.

    I found that there was a subfolder called 'Other' under 'Contacts'
    (E:\Users\Victor\Contacts\other) which had all those extra addresses.

    However, what really threw me off was that I thought there was a different
    list besides 'Contacts' and 'Other' which was accessed by Windows Mail. I
    arrived to the wrong conclusion because when I went to the Contacts and Other
    folder via Windows Explorer and then renamed the contact then the new
    modified name of the contact wasn't shown when I loaded it in Windows Mail.

    What really has to be done to edit (rename) a Contact is to use Windows Mail
    itself, click on the Contacts button and then click on Edit. If you rename
    the contact using Windows Explorer the change won't stick; most likely
    Windows Mail has access to a 'name' field which is not accessible through
    Windows Explorer.

    Victor, Mar 30, 2008
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