Windows Mail will not attach Word Doc to outgoing email message!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by KenDude, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. KenDude

    KenDude Guest

    After installing the production release of Vista Ultimate and having Windows
    Mail upgrade my XP/Outlook Express I get a weird thing happening which is
    VERY frustrating.

    I either create a new email or reply to an existing one.
    I type in my subject line, email message body, etc.
    I EITHER click the attach file icon (paper clip) or I choose Insert -> File
    Attachment from the menu.

    It opens the windows dialog box for me to select a file. I select a Word
    file that I authored and is in my Documents directory. I click the Open
    button and the email now shows the file listed in the header above my message
    as a File Attachment.

    I click send and I get a dialog box telling me the attachment cannot be found!

    I can either click OK to send without the attachment or cancel. I clicked
    OK to see if it really sent or not and it did NOT send the attachment (but
    did send the email). If I click cancel it of course doesn't do anything.

    I thought maybe it was a difference in outgoing mail in either TXT or HTML
    format, but nope, that didn't make any difference. I thought it was maybe
    only if I responded to someone elses's email, but nope it happens on new
    emails too.

    The weird thing is that it SOMETIMES will send the email with the attachment
    and not bark at me at all. There is no rhyme or reason that I can do or
    anything I am doing differently that I can see when sending. Any ideas???
    KenDude, Feb 1, 2007
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  2. KenDude

    hero2zero Guest

    Hey there Ken,

    Having just spent the last hour on the phone to MS Tech Support I have found
    out what is happening here (it was happening to me too)

    If you are trying to send a file, and the office application that created
    that file is still open then you will receive this error. Try saving the file
    and then closing MS Word, when I send the file now it works fine & dandy.

    So to roundup if the file is still open in MS Word, Access, Powerpoint or
    Excel it will not allow you to email it over.

    Paul :)
    hero2zero, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. Thanks for the feedback on this. That will help others a lot.

    Steve Cochran, Feb 1, 2007
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