Windows Media Player 11 in XP does not play DRM files error C00D11B1/ 80070057

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by ghjkl, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. ghjkl

    ghjkl Guest

    I have a fresh install of SP3 and the latest WMP11 on XP Home.

    I get this error whenever I try to play any DRM file no matter from
    which provider:
    You've encountered error message C00D11B1 while using Windows Media
    Original Error Code Original Error Message
    80070057 One or more arguments are invalid.

    All other types of video or audio files that aren't protected by DRM
    play without problem, so there is no problem with the audio device or
    ID3 headers as none of the DRM files I've tried are MP3s.

    From many hours of searching I find the error is returned for various
    problems. I have tried all the solutions and none of them resolves the
    problem. It can't be missing or conflicting codecs as all types of
    non-DRM files play without problem. The quartz.dll is registered and
    not corrupted. I have reinstalled WMP11 several times. I have reset
    the DRM with both the Microsoft and Netlix tools and individualized
    WMP11 using the several MS individualizaition sites and by force using
    the command line several times with each reinstall.

    The last thing I've tried is use the resetDRM tool and not
    individualize and then installed Amazon Unbox for video purchases and
    rentals. I ran the included trouble shooter in Unbox and let it
    individualize WMP11, after which the trouble shooter reported no
    problems with my set-up. I downloaded a short free file from Amazon
    and although it will play in the Amazon unbox player, trying to play
    the file in WMP11 still returns the same error as before and so does
    trying to play any of the other DRM files I have.

    So does anyone have a different solution or idea of what to check
    other than the usual suspects?
    ghjkl, Dec 9, 2011
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