Windows Media Player Album Art and Presentation Art Issue

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Mike Barlow, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Mike Barlow

    Mike Barlow Guest

    In Windows Media Player 11 there appears to be confusion between Album Art
    images representing the album to which a collection of music files are
    associated and Presentation Art, usually embedded with each file. This
    confusion is understandable as presentation art is almost always the Album
    Art image. With Presentation Art, however, one can have a unique image for
    each song in a given album. For example, on an album containing an anthology
    of movie music, one might provide a unique soundtrack or poster for each
    movie represented.

    When I do this with MP3 files, I usually use a 400x400 pixel or greater
    resolution that allows a CD-cover quality musical-slideshow display with the
    "Album Art" visualization mode. Currently, Media Player 11 allows this
    option, but it is only partially supported, perhaps because no commercially
    available music files try to take advantage of this capability.

    The current problem with Windows Media Player 11 is that it tries to
    derive its common Album Art images from what appears to be a randomly
    selected Presentation Art file on the assumption that they are all share the
    same image and if you paste an Album Art image as suggested, WMP 11 will
    over-write all your carefully prepared Presentation Art with a minimal
    resolution version of the image you paste.

    Also, it appears that WMP 11 does not always register the fact that an
    image has been saved into a given music file and after several tries, I find
    that multiple images have been stored. As far as I know, only one of these
    images is ever used.

    I propose that the WMP 12 team give some thought to providing better
    support for Presentation Art and music sellers might consider the advantages
    of displaying high resolution images for each musical selection as it plays
    that could serve to advertise its original source film or album.
    Mike Barlow, Jul 28, 2007
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  2. Mike Barlow

    Mike Barlow Guest

    In the event the clipped title made point of my previous post unclear,
    my post above deals with the distinction between what I call "Presentation
    Art," the various graphic images that can be embedded in each MP3 file of an
    album and "Album Art," a single or common graphic image that represents a
    given album as a collection of files.

    If it is present, Windows Media Player will display the unique
    "presentation art" image embedded with each selection as it plays. This
    functionality can be used to create a musical slideshow for each album.
    Mike Barlow, Jul 29, 2007
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