Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by 3goldens, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. 3goldens

    3goldens Guest

    II gotta tell you I have been using Vista now for many months, all through
    the beta testing blah, blah, so on and so forth.

    For the most part I think O/S is a vast improvement over what they had been
    offering but what I cannot understand for the life of me is why they cannot
    get something as simple as syncing with mobile phones together at all.

    This device center if that's what you want to call it just sucks. period
    end of story.

    It is truly a nightmare trying to get your files or data transferred let
    alone contacts etc, and I am using something as a Motorola Q with your basic
    outlook profile. It can’t even do that let alone start every time I plug the
    phone in which I guess is really my main gripe at this point.

    This does not just happen on my laptop, but my portable Motion running
    Ultimate and my desktop running Ultimate. Just will not consistently start
    when you plug in the phone. And Bluetooth syncing, forget about it, just
    doesn’t happen.

    What I thought would be a smooth transition and a new program that would
    flawlessly transfer contacts and files has proven to be nothing but a
    nightmare, NIGHTMARE!

    I truly dread even trying to sync my phone as it always is a exercise in
    frustration let alone a complete waste of my time. I have all but given up
    and moved to using Verizon's wireless sync program as at least it's reliable.
    Active Sync was far better and I never thought I would say that!

    I cannot for the life of me understand how Microsoft has the never to
    release something to the general public in a few days that has a major
    component of its software architecture just plain old not functioning. They
    should be ashamed of themselves, what are they thinking? Oh that's right,
    the bottom line!
    3goldens, Jan 28, 2007
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  2. WMDC is not a component of Vista. It was taken out and made standalone
    product for exactly this reason - to give WMDC team more time to test and
    fix bugs. What you are dealing with right now is at best Beta 3 so expect
    many bugs to be fixed in RTM.

    Just trying to bring some balance to your understandably emotional post. I'm
    sorry you have problems using WMDC Beta, but I was using it with my E-TEN
    m600 for quite some time without any errors. Feature-wise WMDC seems to be
    exact copy of ActiveSync, just the new UI. What I'm trying to say is that
    "bringing back ActiveSync" does not make sense since WMDC *IS* ActiveSync.
    Although I expect many things fixed before RTM, your problem may not be
    directly related to WMDC, it may be USB or other hardware drivers that have
    compatibility issues with Vista.
    Alexander Suhovey, Jan 28, 2007
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  3. 3goldens

    3goldens Guest

    understood. what I did not know was this was to be a stand alone product. I
    always thought it would be part of the overall new o/s, which I will again
    say I am very happy with.

    this may be more of a specific phone problem, i have tried it with a moto q
    and the samsung i730 same inconsistent results. it most definitely is not a
    usb or hardware issue as I have the same thing happening on three different
    computers. but thanks for your comments and information appreciate that!
    3goldens, Jan 28, 2007
  4. 3goldens

    Bill Walter Guest

    Have you tried to do a ROM update with WMDC. I have an AXIM X50v and the ROM
    upgrade from 2003 Se to WM5 failed repeatedly on VISTA with WMDC. It worked
    without any problems on a dual boot to the same computer on the same USB
    port with the same cable. Microsoft said to contact Dell about the problem.
    Dell said they only support Active Sync and had no plans to make any changes
    for the X50v product but they may make changes if required for future
    products. I had the same experience trying to do a ROM update for a HP

    Have you tried to install Microsoft Pocket Streets from the Microsoft Trips
    and Streets DVD with WMDC. It complains that it cannot find Active Sync and
    fails. I could not find any type of Microsoft support for Trips and Streets
    with VISTA without spending $250 for a support incident. I just could not
    justify $250 support for a $49 copy of Trips and Streets. I finally took a
    chance and just manually copied the CAB file over to the WM5 device and it
    seems to have worked.

    Have you tried Audible Manager and syncing with a Windows Mobile 5 device
    running Audible Player. It will sync but you have to reactivate the device
    between each boot you transfer and after 5 books you have to make a call to
    Audible to get the license activation reset for 5 more tries. It takes on
    average 45 minutes to get through to Audible support which make it pretty
    much a losing proposition especially when you subscribe to a couple of daily
    Audible newspapers like I do.

    Have you tried installing Microsoft OneCare on VISTA running WMDC. OneCare
    shuts down WMDC. I think there are patches to get around this but it shows a
    lack of communication between the various Microsoft Product groups. OneCare
    should have been configured to detect and configure itself for WMDC or at
    least had the rules preconfigured so they simple can be enabled.

    During the VISTA beta on Connect the WMDC newsgroup only had a very few
    posts by anyone on the WMDC group during the entire time and there were no
    WMDC feature focus activities that I can recall trying to get organized
    feedback to testing by Windows Mobile users.

    I am getting some sync activity but it is inconsistent and it is a real
    struggle for people like me that have three or four Windows Mobile devices.
    I have had failures where calendar events go shifted in time. I have had
    situations where contacts were doubled, and in one case trippled. With over
    1000 contacts it is a real pain to delete every other contact to get things
    back in sync. At least as far as I can tell I have not lost anything during
    a sync. it just seems to multiply or shift around from time to time.

    Bill Walter
    Bill Walter, Jan 29, 2007
  5. 3goldens

    SuperCub Guest

    To get WMDC work with OneCare you need to configure OneCare firewall.
    You can do that by
    1. Go to OneCare UI.
    2. Change OneCare Settings.
    3. Accept Vista UAC prompt.
    4. Firewall Tab.
    5. Firewall Connection tool.
    6. Select WMDC/Active Sync rule.
    7. Hit OK twice.

    WMDC should now work on Visa.
    SuperCub, Feb 1, 2007
  6. 3goldens

    santoro Guest

    Do you know if VZW's wireless sync software works with Windows Vista?
    I have been trying to download the PC Monitor software to my new
    computer and can't get it to even download. Any help would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks.
    santoro, Mar 8, 2007
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