windows mobile (wmdc) & bluetooth sync to pda

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by tsttm, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. tsttm

    tsttm Guest


    ok, just got a new laptop with vista premium 32bit. Downloaded wmd
    today & got it to sync with my axim x30 by usb and with a littl
    fiddling around, i managed to get it to sync by bluetooth. But a coupl
    things i want to iron out & verify

    The default 'drop down' connect options in wmdc is COM3 & 'bluetooth'
    When i paired my axim pda, i managed to get it assign to a bunch of CO
    ports except for COM3

    It turns out, the assigned COM port WILL appear as an option i I am able to sync. BUT, if i turn bluetooth off & back on, tha
    particular COM port option is gone until i reboot the laptop

    Is this normal

    Kind of annoying if i'd prefer to keep bluetooth off most of the tim
    OR it accidentally turns off. Hate to reboot just to get wmdc to syn
    with my pda

    Is my pda suppose to have been assigned to COM 3? (which is alway
    there). If so, how do i re-assign the COM ports

    Finally, with all my fiddling, every time I removed & added the device
    the axim kept getting assigned incrementally a new number. It started a
    COM 4 incoming, COM 5 outgoing. Right now it's set at COM 14 incoming
    COM 12 outgoing.

    As a result, vista thinks COM 4-11 & 13 are used (aka assigned). Wil
    this be a problem for anything and is there a way to unassig
    them..knowing that they were all assigned every time i added & remove
    my axim device

    fyi, my comp knowledge it intermediate..i didn't know anything abou
    bluetooth & what COM ports were til today..keep that in mind whe

    tsttm, Mar 21, 2009
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  2. tsttm

    pupick Guest

    Bluetooth is not consistently implemented by manufacturers, hence you have
    two bluetooth devices, your computer and your PDA, that may implement the
    bluetooth standard differently.
    Pairing any two bluetooth devices involves following different and mutually
    incompatible instructions. I have two cars made by different companies that
    have bluetooth cellphone connections but require entirely different rituals
    to connect the same phone.
    I am not sure why you are removing and adding the device or why you would
    turn bluetooth on and off on the computer or your PDA. Doing so obviously is
    going to corrupt or erase the bluetooth relationships that were previously
    I connect devices to my Vista laptop via Bluetooth and once established have
    never had to revise the connection (I wish my cars were as stable).
    It is more secure, in any event, to connect your PDA to your computer with
    the appropriate cable, but that is your choice.
    pupick, Mar 21, 2009
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  3. tsttm

    tsttm Guest

    Thanks for the input

    The only reason i was adding & removing the device is because it wasn'
    working initially, so to troubleshoot i had to try different thing
    which required removing & adding the device. I have left it as is as i
    seems to it's staying at COM14 in COM12 out.

    I just wonder if i need to do any clean up, as vista thinks COM4-11 ar
    assigned..even though i know they were all assigned while i wa
    adding/removing during my troubleshoot

    I also want to know if the method i'm using to get the pda to connec
    to wmdc is the way other people do it. I've searched & it appears alo
    of people had trouble..i'd like to try & find the people who had succes
    & hear how they've done it

    I should mention that the reason i want to pair my pda via bluetooth i
    for syncing the PIM & outlook only. The thing is leaving bluetooth o
    sucks the power out of my pda (perhaps halves the battery life).
    presume there is some additional power usage for using bluetooth on th
    laptop as well. So, since i will probably only sync 1-2 times a day..i
    seems illogical to leave bluetooth radio on all the time if i don't nee

    i could sync by usb..but bt adds the convenience of not carrying a syn
    cable/cradle. Plus i did pay extra to have bt on my laptop, might a
    well use it right
    tsttm, Mar 21, 2009
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