Windows not locking quick launch taskbar size on reboot

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by devistated, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. devistated

    devistated Guest

    This problem suddenly began occurring about 2 days ago, and nothing that I
    have been able to do has fixed it permanently.

    I had my Quick Launch toolbar on the Windows taskbar set to show only four
    icons, which I had arranged in a specific order. This has worked fine for all
    the many months that I have had this PC. But then about 2 days ago, when I
    rebooted my PC, all 13 quick launch icons appeared in alphabetical order.

    So I unlocked the taskbar and resized the Quick Launch toolbar and put the
    four icons that I want to see back in the order that I want them and then
    relocked the taskbar. But whenever I reboot the PC, Vista once again shows
    all 13 icons in alphabetical order. I have tried about a dozen permutations
    of unlocking, rebooting (cold and warm), and arranging icons. One time when I
    cut it down to three icons and did a cold boot, it held the configuration.
    But then when I added a fourth icon, the reboot went back to the same 13
    alphabetical icons.

    How do I get Vista to remember my Quick Launch toolbar and taskbar
    configuration when it reboots, when it is clearly ignoring my use of the
    toggle to lock the taskbar when it reboots?
    devistated, Apr 30, 2009
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  2. devistated

    Vanshaj Daga Guest

    Goto c:\documents and settings\<your username>\Application
    Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch and arrange icons there and
    then try to restart your computer. I hope it works. Reply
    Vanshaj Daga, Apr 30, 2009
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