Windows Photo Gallery not Usenet friendly

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Adam Albright, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. The included Photo Gallery provides basic image viewing, but obviously
    wasn't tested by anyone that's a savyy Usenet user. Too bad.

    By now some people may jump to the conclusion I just rant and rave or
    nitpick. Actually I'm a fairly sophisticated Windows user, especially
    when it comes to graphics and video. Reaches over to pat self on back.

    Apparently it never occured to Microsoft or any beta tester to see how
    Vista's default viewer (Photo Gallery) behaves if you set your
    newsreader to automatically download a bunch of image files. Answer:
    Not well.

    If you visit any one of the thousands of binary newsgroups that cover
    everything from gardening to porn and everything inbetween and you
    download a body of a supported file type like .jpg that should and
    does launch whatever graphic application you have setup to view a .jpg
    file assuming your newsreader can decode such images on the fly, most
    can. By default in Vista, the viewer that gets automatically launched
    is the build-in Photo Gallery. Now if you simply click on a file all
    well and good, you see a image, life is sweet. Close Photo Gallery,
    pick another file, and view another. That gets old fast. Most people,
    like 99.99% soon discover it is faster and smarter to select a whole
    bunch of files to download at once.

    If you do, Photo Gallery goes nuts because of a simple flaw in design.
    Nobody taught it that it may already be open. So if you set your news
    reader to download 10 image files at once, Windows will in rapid fire
    succession open not one, but ten instances of Photo Gallery. Select 50
    files to download, Windows will launch 50 instances of Photo Gallery
    with one image in each. Aside from just being dumb, remember its
    called gallery which imples it can display more than one photo at a
    time and can and does display thumbnail galleries of your photos if
    they already are in some static folder on your system but it seems
    unable to master the simple task of opening window panes, rather then
    launching more instances of itself. This of course is a simple
    programming trick and in common use where a string of images replace
    the current image with the new one as they are downloaded.

    Not doing that is bad news for two reasons. You end up with a large
    bunch of duplicate instances of Photo Galley all running and needing
    closing but of course far worse it this will sooner or later crash
    Photo Gallery as it eats up and wastes system resources and memory.
    That often results in crashing Windows totally.

    I'm simply wondering how such simple mistakes like this get overlooked
    if Vista was really tested. You know by people that actually
    understand how to use Windows and their other software.

    Now before some wiseguy suggests I simply download bodies THEN launch
    the image viewer, (I know already) that defeats the purpose of
    automating the task. Besides it is more time consuming and can waste
    bandwidth. A typical downloader may select one or two images and if he
    sees what he likes select the next 30. To avoid spawning endless
    instances of Photo Gallery you need to download all the bodies, then
    later view them, that won't spawn multiple instances of the viewer.
    However in real world that often means you'll download a bunch of
    files you probably wouldn't have if you were viewing them in real time
    one by one as they were downloaded, then stopped before finishing.

    Of course there are viewers that arne't so dumb. Again the point is
    Vista is suppose to improve user experince, it was designed to be more
    apealing visually, and here again it just flops. I keep wondering why.
    Adam Albright, Feb 24, 2007
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