Windows Scroll Bar keeps jumping to top in folders

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Patty P, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Patty P

    Patty P Guest

    I am running Windows XP on my media center PC. I have a great number of new
    photos to sort, that get sorted into a number of subfolders. I have two
    folder windows open. One has new pictures The other the folder i want to drag
    certian pictures into. I had this problem in the past, now it has gotten much
    worse. In the folder of new pictures, I scroll down to find all the (let's
    say for instance) pictures of flowers and want to drag them one by one as i
    find them over to the "Flowers" Folder I have open in a separte window. I
    have scrolled down, grab the picture i wnat nad drag it over to the Flowers
    folder. Both folders insrtantly scroll back to the top.

    I was scrolled down within the folder of the new pics trying to locate each
    of the flower pictures, but once i drag one from the folder, the scroll bar
    jumps to the top and I lose my place. I have to scroll down each time to find
    where I was if I want to continue.

    I used to have this problem intermittently in folders that had many hundreds
    of pictures in them, but the scroll bar would not return to the top. After
    dragging an item from one folder to another, the one it came from would jump
    to somewhere randomly in the middle or bottom of the scroll bar.

    Now, in both the folder I am taking items from and the one receiving it, the
    scrollbars are BOTH jumping to the top of their respective windows.

    The situation has made the sorting I need to do next to impossible.
    Patty P, Dec 8, 2008
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  2. Patty P

    Jaime Guest

    I'm not really following, are you saying the file list (or thumbnails)
    returns to first items in the window the second you drag something out of
    the windows?

    Does this also happen if you use the copy (or cut) command rather than
    Jaime, Dec 9, 2008
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  3. Patty P

    Patty P Guest

    Yes, the collection of thumbnails in the window returns to the top. This
    happens to any change in the folder, whether dragging a thumbnail out or
    using cut and paste to movce it. The exact sequence is that once I perform
    the removal, the entire folder I took it from goes blank white (like an empty
    window) momentarily, then the thumbnails pop back up and the scroll is at the
    top of the folder. Last night, it momentarily bounced to the bottom of the
    folder of thumbnails, then back to the top.

    The other open folder of thumbnails I pasted the item into or dragged it to
    does the same thing. Any change to any folder of thumbnails (taking things
    out or adding them) causes the same event to occur.

    I tried using list viewing mode (not suitable for sorting pics, but gave it
    a try) and immediately after an item was dragged to a folder in a different
    window, the source window flashed blank then jumped back earlier in the list
    but not to the top (not to the first page of the list view). I am using two
    windows about half my monitor width for moving files from one folder to

    Patty P
    Patty P, Dec 9, 2008
  4. Patty P

    Jaime Guest

    Most of that is normal Windows behavior when the the auto-arrange feature is
    on. Anytime you remove files from a folder, Windows will resort the list of
    remaining files. If you have a folder with a lot of files/thumbnails (and
    your PC/graphic card isn't fast enough), you will probably get a momentary
    white-out as the PC redraws the contents.
    Jaime, Dec 9, 2008
  5. Patty P

    Patty P Guest

    Okay, so where do I turn off "auto arrange"? I have not changed any settings
    recently, but I notice settings are changed sometimes after I get a Windows
    update. I had disabled Indexing a few weeks back as it was slowing my
    computer down a lot. As soon as I disabled it, speed was back to normal.
    Windows updated in the last few days, Indexing was turned back on after that
    update and this scroll bar problem started. Disbling Indexing does not fix
    the scrollbar problem.

    I have been able in the past to drag things to other folders without the
    scroll bar moving except to allow for the things removed. It never jumped to
    the top of the folder before. This all went goofy after a recent automatic
    update from Windows during the night.
    Patty P, Dec 10, 2008
  6. Patty P

    Jaime Guest

    Right-click on the folder window (but not on a thumbnail) and under "Arrange
    Icons By", you should see a choice for Auto Arrange - make sure it is
    unchecked. There also is a Grid option, but I don't think that would cause
    the jumping to the top (not sure about that behavior).
    Jaime, Dec 10, 2008
  7. Patty P

    Patty P Guest

    I opened the two folders, turned off "auto arrange" in both and they act the
    same as before. It didn't correct the problem. I trid the "grid" setting and
    it did not help.
    Any other ideas?

    Patty P
    Patty P, Dec 10, 2008
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