Windows Search Service won't start

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Talk' started by noname, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. noname

    noname Guest

    I can't get the Windows Serach Service to start and of course that
    means Windows serch doesn't work either.

    This as been on going for a few months I used to get this error in the
    event log and when starting the service

    "The Windows Search service terminated with service-specific error
    2147749155 (0x80040D23)."

    Now after SP1 it still doesn't work but I get this error

    This is in event log

    "The Windows Search service terminated with the following error:
    The system cannot find the path specified."

    "error 3: System could not find path specified"
    (no clue as to the path it is talking about)

    I've googled it, searched MS knowledge base but nothing

    Any one?
    noname, Feb 19, 2008
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  2. noname

    housetrained Guest

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  3. noname

    noname Guest

    On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 10:37:27 GMT, "housetrained"

    thanks for but I've already found that link and it did't do anything
    for me (just like the person in the post)

    I actually found that and messed around with those folders and got the
    service to start one time but after reboot it was dead again and
    hasn't started since. I can't do a sys restore since I don't really
    know how long the service has been screwed up I just happened to
    notice it one day when I was going to add a location.

    Thanks for trying.
    noname, Feb 20, 2008
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