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Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Jerry Dogs, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Jerry Dogs

    Jerry Dogs Guest


    I currently have SBS 2008 located at site A and Server 2008 Std located at
    site B connect via VPN, I have setup DFS between the 2 servers which is
    approxiamely 150GB. I will soon be replacing the Server at site B with a new
    Server 2008 box.

    My plan is to set this server up at site A, add it to the domain, dcpromo,
    dns,dhcp etc and setup and configre DFS and sync the DFS while it is local at
    site A, then move the server to site B and just change IP address to local
    subnet at site B.

    Will this work and will DFS be able to continue to work between the servers
    even though the DFS was originally setup at site A.

    I would assume this would be fine, but just want to know if there are any
    issues of setting up 2 servers on the same subnet and then moving one to a
    remote location on a different subnet.
    Jerry Dogs, Sep 16, 2009
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