Windows Service Start Prolem Because of Dependencies

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Prem Mehrotra, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Windows Service Start Prolem Because of Dependencies

    I have a Windows Service CranBerry for my application. It is dependent on
    MSSQLSERVER, i.e., MSSQLSERVER has to be up and running for Cranberry Service
    to be running.

    Whenever System reboots Cranberry Service does not start because MSSQLServer
    is still starting. I have modified registry parameter for Carnberry, so its
    DepenedsOnService is
    MSSQLSERVER and I do dependency being set upder Properties->Tendencies.

    However, on System Reboot this morning Cranberry Service still did not
    restart for the same reason. I.e., MSSQL Sever is not yet up. How, one can
    ensure that Cranberry Service starts only after MSSQLSERVER has been brought
    Prem Mehrotra, Feb 15, 2009
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