Windows System Time & Real Time Clock

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Ansel, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Ansel

    Ansel Guest

    I am trying to develop an application to report Time-
    Dates other than the CMOS Time-Date to user programs.

    Can anyone help me find a central point to catch requests
    to the Windows 'System Time' functions.

    The idea is, basiclly, to compare the requesting program
    against a list, and for those programs on the list return
    a time offset based on a user defined table.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Ansel, Nov 20, 2003
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  2. Ansel

    Brian Catlin Guest

    Sorry, but there is no supported way to do this


    Brian Catlin, Sannas Consulting 310-944-9492
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    Brian Catlin, Nov 21, 2003
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