Windows Update 100% CPU usage issue - a NEW twist on an old proble

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Asker of stupid questions, May 10, 2008.

  1. If you have a backup of the original slipstreamed SP3 installation,
    would you please post the size of DataStore.edb ?
    It's located in WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore.
    That might be the file that is causing this issue.

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2008]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], May 15, 2008
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  2. Asker of stupid questions

    RealityBytes Guest

    Volume in drive Z has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is 545A-3FA7

    Directory of Z:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore

    05/11/2008 10:34 PM <DIR> .
    05/11/2008 10:34 PM <DIR> ..
    05/13/2008 01:45 AM 3,153,920 DataStore.edb
    05/13/2008 01:45 AM <DIR> Logs
    1 File(s) 3,153,920 bytes
    3 Dir(s) 8,150,077,440 bytes free

    This is the backup from when I was having problems.
    RealityBytes, May 16, 2008
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  3. Asker of stupid questions

    RealityBytes Guest

    Nevermind my previous post, I forgot that my backup happens "next day" and
    thought that the backup happened the day after. Since I don't have the
    backup, I just decided to re-enable Microsoft Update, and see what happens.

    Same issue, 100% CPU usage, svchost tends to ramp from 10M to 50M memory
    usage in task manager while eating up CPU time, DataStore was 2.5M from when
    I was using Windows Update only, jumping to 5.2M, then 9.4M, then 11.5M even
    as we speak (same update session). There definately does seem to be an issue
    with this file, and the memory usage goes from 10M gradually to 50M according
    to Task Manager, then suddenly drops back to 10Mish then goes back again,
    each time eating up more memory.

    After 10min worth of CPU time ramping at up 24-63M of memory and DataStore
    seems to have settled in at 11,542,528 bytes. It finally found an update for
    Office, so I'll let it install and see what happens. I think the culprit is
    Microsoft Update, so if it decides to burn a hole through my lap, I'll just
    disable Microsoft Update and delete the SoftwareDistribution folder which
    seems to make it a lot happier.
    RealityBytes, May 16, 2008
  4. Installing the latest Version of the Windows Update Agent *should*
    mitigate the CPU utilization issue.
    Faulty detection logic in previous Vs can cause the a spike in CPU
    utilization when it scans datastore.edb

    SP3 contains older Vs of the AU core update files and if higher V. files
    are found on the OS during the application of it, it leaves them as they
    I'm not sure what the behavior would be if it found lower Vs.
    Here's a theory ... when the AU service fires up or a system hits one of
    the update sites there will be an attempt to update wuaueng.dll first
    which then causes the CPU utilization issue to appear since the file
    isn't being updated because other AU .dlls needed to download and/or
    install it are at a lower V level.
    Frankly, I haven't seen this issue on systems on which I applied SP3,
    but all of the systems already contained the latest WUA.

    There is no AV nor any other anti-malware software installed, correct ?

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2008]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], May 16, 2008
  5. Asker of stupid questions

    benoitm Guest

    Problems seems to be solved now, many thanks

    benoitm, May 20, 2008
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