Windows update error 80070011, all recent updates except defender

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Mike Coppins, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Mike Coppins

    Mike Coppins Guest

    Hi, I'm using Windows Vista Business 32-bit. I have 6 updates that
    always fail to install, each one complaining of error 80070011.

    A bit of googling gives me this info:
    I have a multiple partition setup:

    C drive, Vista system, 20GB NTFS
    D drive, Win2k system, 4GB NTFS
    E drive, Apps + Data partition, rest of disk (300 or so GB)

    All partitions have lots of space.

    I do have Program Files / Common Files junctioned off to E drive, and
    folders pointing in the correct places on E drive, but I have tried
    taking all this apart and having the right files on C drive and registry
    entries back to their defaults but the error persists.

    The Windows Defender updates always install successfully though,
    regardless of Program Files / Common Files pointing to E:.

    I have used this type of setup on Windows 2000 and XP for years without
    problems like this. Any ideas what I can do to resolve it, short of
    blowing away the whole installation and starting again?
    Mike Coppins, Nov 7, 2007
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  2. Mike Coppins

    Mike Coppins Guest

    Problem sorted. After a few tests with a test install of Vista on
    another machine, I found that even if C:\Program Files is set up as an
    NTFS junction to wherever you want your Program Files folder (a tactic
    I've used for years on Win2k/XP without problems), Windows Vista updates
    still screw up.

    I've implemented the changes on the machine I was having problems on, no
    problems anymore.

    For the meantime ('meantime' being, if MS fix this problem), I'll have
    to put up with changing the path to my preferred apps folder when I
    install programs, and C:\Program Files contains the folders that come
    with a Vista installation, as well as the contents of Common Files.
    Mike Coppins, Nov 7, 2007
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