Windows Update error 80070052

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by paul, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. paul

    paul Guest

    When attempting to use Windows Update at I get
    the following Windows Update Error 0x80070052 while it is
    checking for Windows Update software on my computer.

    Windows Update.log does not show an error. Here's the most
    recent entries to Windows Update.log:
    "2004-02-23 08:29:48 13:29:48 Success IUENGINE
    2004-02-23 08:29:52 13:29:52 Success IUENGINE
    Shutting down
    2004-02-23 08:31:57 13:31:57 Success IUCTL
    Shutting down
    2004-02-23 11:03:56 16:03:56 Success IUCTL
    2004-02-23 11:04:05 16:04:05 Success IUENGINE
    2004-02-23 11:04:10 16:04:10 Success IUENGINE
    Shutting down
    2004-02-23 11:08:12 16:08:12 Success IUENGINE
    2004-02-23 11:08:15 16:08:15 Success IUENGINE
    Shutting down
    2004-02-23 11:23:02 16:23:02 Success IUCTL
    Shutting down
    2004-02-23 11:29:07 16:29:07 Success IUCTL

    My operating system is Windows Mellinium.
    I have two harddrives-120gb in two partitions of 10gb
    (bootdrive)with 4gb free, and 110gb with 100gb free;
    -and 10gb in two partitions of 1gb
    (swap file)with .07gb free, and 9gb with 8gb free.
    The Program Files folder is only on the bootdrive.
    I have administrative privileges to install new programs
    or updates into this system.
    Previously Windows Update worked flawlessly, always with
    Norton Anti-Virus and Internet Security running.

    I have - reinstalled the MSXML files REGSVR32
    - downloaded & installed msxml3usa.msi;
    - renamed the WindowsUpdate folder;
    - used msconfig to do a selective start-up clean
    - downloaded & installed;
    - turned off all the Norton and Symantec static
    vxd's and startup items using msconfig;
    - deleted contents of the following Windows
    folders: \TEMP,\Temporary Internet Files, \Cookies,
    and \Temporary Internet
    - added the update sites to the "Trusted Zone" of
    Internet Explorer>Properties>Security;
    - repaired Internet Explorer via Add-Remove
    - and more.
    paul, Feb 23, 2004
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