Windows Update failed installation 11 updates - KB897715 probably why

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by tekla, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Windows Update today recommended 11 updates, and I selected "Install."
    Installation of all 11 failed. Weeks ago Windows Update was telling me
    to install KB823353, but installation failed -- presumably because
    KB897715 had already been installed. So I imagine the reason for the
    installation failure today is the same issue.

    On October 2 I added a message about the two updates named above to a
    thread on another newsgroup but did not receive a reply. The thread,
    starting with my message, is quoted below.


    Message of October 2
    I have Win 2000, Service Pack 4. I too am having Windows Update
    repeatedly tell me to install KB823353, I click on install, it claims
    to have successfully installed but has not installed.

    KB897715 is in fact installed. But when I go to Add/Remove Programs, it
    refuses to uninstall KB897715. I went to as you [Torgeir] advised. I
    checked that
    the version of OE I am running is as specified there.

    I went to the Workaround section which says "This section is intended
    to reinstall update 823353 if the version number of the Inetcomm.dll
    file is greater than 6.0.2800.1306 and updates 887797 and 897715 cannot
    be uninstalled. Updates 887797 and 897715 install a Inetcomm.dll file
    with a version number greater than 6.0.2800.1306."

    I found 3 copies of Inetcomm.dll on my computer, and, yep, one of them
    does have a version number greater than 6.0.2800.1306.

    So I downloaded the IE6.0sp1-KB823353-x86-ENU.exe file as directed on
    that website. Extracted its contents into a folder. Opened a command
    prompt window, changed to that folder, and typed in the command
    specified. A popup window claimed that KB823353 was being installed
    (and the Oeupdate.exe process appeared in Task Manager), but alas, not
    so, because when I went and looked in Add/Remove programs, it wasn't

    Do you have further suggestions? (What if I substituted one of the
    other versions of Inetcomm.dll on my machine for the version that is
    causing the problem? Would that screw up something else?)


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    tekla, Oct 24, 2005
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