Windows update fails with error code 80240016

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Talk' started by Classic-Car-World Ltd, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hi I have an issue on a laptop running Windows Vista in that windows updates
    is reporting that it can't get updates. All I get is an error code of
    80240016 when it tries and fails to install Office 2007 SP1 from the update
    list. I have downloaded the update manually and it has been installed
    successfully but Windows Update still reports that it can't get updates.

    Other posts on the Internet have indicated a similar problem and have
    suggested running sfc /scannow to fix the problem. Unfortunately this hasn't
    worked for me. Trying to run the sfc from a command prompt returns an error
    that you have to be an administrator to run sfc. There is only one user
    account on the laptop and it is an administrator!! I have created a new
    administrator account and got the same results.

    I eventually tried it in safe mode and got sfc to work although it reported
    some errors and pointed me to a log file which didn't appear to show
    anything except for a list of files with dual ownership.

    I also got sfc to run under new account after I turned off user account
    controls (UAC) but it finished with the same error and pointed me at the
    same file.

    Windows defender would also appear not to be updating with an error code

    Is this a common problem and has anyone come across a cause and a fix

    Many thanks

    Classic-Car-World Ltd, Feb 11, 2008
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