Windows update failure - office 2003 - kb918419 etc.

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by CO-DBA-SC-EL, Jul 31, 2006.


    CO-DBA-SC-EL Guest

    This might be helpful to others who ran into this problem. Here is how I
    finally got it to work after much wasted time (maybe Microsoft should give
    customers a $1 discount on future products for each hour wasted on Microsoft

    The update had worked on several XP machine but failed miserably on an
    Win2000 machine. Here is what it took on the Win2K machine:

    - Wasted an inordinate amount of time trying many things suggested by
    Microsoft tech support web pages and in this newsgroup, none of which
    - Applied the fix at (thanks to Robin
    Walker for pointing out that article). Just added the value specifying the
    path to the CD-ROM drive.
    - Tried Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Microsoft Office - Change then
    Repair. This time the Office Install/Repair worked after even longer
    churning. Note: At no point did it ask for the actual CD in our case, but it
    may work differently for you.
    - Right-clicked the Microsoft Update in the task tray and chose "Install
    now". This apparently ran, guess what, the Microsoft office repair utility,
    but eventually it started installing the patches. By now the number of
    patches had grown with a few more, but what the heck.
    - Microsoft update reported "Installation succeeded."

    CO-DBA-SC-EL, Jul 31, 2006
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