Windows Update Failure; Tech Abaondoned Me

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by STurbo, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Please supply me with the case number.
    Was Windows preinstalled by the computer's manufacturer or did you
    install it from a CD ?
    If she had you install the entire SP2 package, then boot to Safe Mode
    and uninstall it :

    Start the computer in safe mode

    How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer

    If she had you install something else, please inform us what it was.

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    MowGreen [MVP], Aug 15, 2006
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  2. STurbo

    STurbo Guest


    My case number is SRZ060723000779

    The computer is a Dell which came with Windows XP installed, but was
    purchased before SP2 was released, so that was installed at a later date.

    I do have the Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition which came
    with the system.

    The MS tech had me download and install the Full Installation of Service
    Pack 2 from:


    I don't know if you saw my post from 8/12. On that date, I received
    another email with a suggestion to run some commands from the Recovery

    Per my previous post and problem, I emailed the Microsoft Tech with, she had
    me run the Recovery Console, and

    chkdsk /r
    BOOTCFG /rebuild

    After that the computer would not restart it had a bios error, after
    restarting it would stop after the bios screen ran:

    "Windows Could Not Start because \windows\inf\biosinfo.inf is missing or

    I tried the repair feature of the XP recovery disc and it says the same
    thing after reboot.

    I emailed the tech stating exatly that, the computer would not restart after
    those commands, and that I had tried the "Recovery Function" of the XP
    Reinstallation disc and after it finished it still had the same error message
    after the bios screen that was on 8/12.

    Well today 8/14, her email response stated:

    This issue may occur if the system files have been corrupted.

    Her suggestion was to perform a reinstall of Windows, and then she went on
    to describe in DETAIL step by step the procedure to use the Repair feature of
    the Windows Reinstallation CD!!!!

    In my email stating the problem, I clearly stated that I had already tried
    the "Repair" Feature of the XP CD!!!! Apparantly I figured out the problem
    with the techs all along, They are only reading the first sentence of your
    message and then jumping in with their suggestions!!!!!

    She also stated that some applications would need to be updated to current
    versions after this.

    Well I CAN'T Update, the whole reason for conversing with her about my
    UPDATE Problem.

    They're too much to handle! Almost to the point of unbelievable! This is
    ridiculous almost to the point of insanity.

    It has taken me far too long to realize that apparantly this problem is too
    much for them to handle and I have been checking the deals and found a Dell
    package for $339, and I guess that I am probably just going to have to get

    I am just discouraged because I think that this was their intent all along,
    if they drag you on long enough you will just get tired of it and go out and
    replace it and they make more money because they sell another operating
    system? Who knows.


    Thanks for all your help and suggestions, even though I could not get the
    updates working again your suggestions really were more infromative then the
    MS techs, and even though some of them were the same that the techs suggested
    you were much quicker to recognize the answer to my questions and reply with
    the answer much sooner.


    Oh by the way,

    I did get the system running again. I had to take the harddrive out of the
    tower and stick it in another computer as the slave drive. I then ran an
    error check, ran a disc clean, and then defragmented the drive. I then stuck
    it back in the original tower and was able to utilize the Reinstallation CD
    and ran the Repair feature again on the drive and this time it worked. I was
    able to restart the computer.
    STurbo, Aug 15, 2006
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  3. STurbo,

    All I can say is ... <expletive deleted>
    Here's where the issue lies ... Dell preinstalls Windows and is
    *supposed* to provide support for it. Unfortunately, when the warranty
    and/or service contract runs out, you're on your own.
    MS will provide support for the OS if you install it.

    When it comes to the installation of Critical Security Updates, MS will
    support that aspect.
    The support you received for that was less than adequate, to put it

    To avoid having to reinstall from the Dell CD, thus losing SP2 and all
    subsequent updates, suggest you peruse this article :
    Create A Bootable/Slipstreamed Windows XP Installation CD

    Have you moved the HD back to the original system ?

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    MowGreen [MVP], Aug 15, 2006
  4. STurbo

    STurbo Guest


    Yeah, the Dell I have is a 5 year old system, that's why I've been thinking
    I would be better off upgrading anyway and its defitnately out of warranty.

    I did not think about Dell technical support, because when MS Updates failed
    it gave me a couple options, one was for online support, so I just did that.

    I guess I should have mentioned I am using a slipstreamed reinstall disk. I
    had previously made one when I started searching on my own for a solution and
    found out about integrating SP2.

    I do have the system running again in its proper after the steps I had to
    try on my own to get it back up again.


    STurbo, Aug 16, 2006
  5. STurbo,

    Is KB921883 installed yet ? You can download it from here, save it,
    close IE, and then install it :
    *STRONGLY* recommend you get that installed ASAP !

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    MowGreen [MVP], Aug 16, 2006
  6. STurbo

    STurbo Guest


    Is there a place to check all the available updates manually, such as the
    one you suggested, since I cannot obtain them automatically? Then I could
    just check every couple of days to see if there is something to download.


    STurbo, Aug 18, 2006
  7. STurbo

    Guest Guest

    You could always try an alternate update site -- go to and
    look at their NetChk program. It's free if you have only 1-5
    computers. It can notify you of updates, or even download and install
    them for you if you like.

    Shavlik was the programmer who developed MS's MSBA Baseline Analyzer


    Awaiting your responses with baited breath, I remain, yours truly,

    Guest, Aug 18, 2006
  8. STurbo

    MowGreen Guest


    In most cases the updates are released the second Tuesday of each month.
    There may be updates released "out of band" when a Critical
    vulnerability and code to exploit said vuln are circulating on the net.
    You can sign up for emails from the Security Notification Service on the
    above page.

    Here's the link for Security at Home :

    Finally, this is the Hotfix and Security Bulletin page which lists all
    updates and contains links to download them directly :

    Always ensure that you are downloading the proper update for the version
    of Windows that is installed.

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    MowGreen, Aug 19, 2006
  9. STurbo

    Stu Guest


    Just a thought on your installation problem, and wont take a minute to
    check. Go to Control Panel, Internet options, settings, view objects. If
    you see an entry that is just lots of letters and numbers that means one of
    your objects is corrupted. DON'T delete it, right click and uninstall it and
    then try the update site again. It will reinstall automatically as required
    so there is no risk in unistalling.

    Good luck.


    Stu, Aug 26, 2006
  10. STurbo

    moandbo Guest

    moandbo, Sep 5, 2006
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