Windows Update : Good or Evil?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by ac90210, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. ac90210

    ac90210 Guest

    I just don't get it. The main purpose for the updates is in my limited
    understanding to provide automated way of receiving patches to the OS,
    especially when security vulnerabilities are discovered. This is good for
    you because it plugs security holes that could be exploited by bad guys
    coming into your PC in and destroying stuff.

    Last night my PC was running the final steps of a 48+ hrs unattended
    experimental process only to run into this wonderful Windows Update that
    decided to reboot the computer and trash all this work "for my protection"
    (against someone coming in and destroying my work?)

    One of the first and most important things you learn about computers is not
    to turn them off when they are in the middle of something because of
    potential data loss. Yet the intellectuals behind Windows Update decide to
    just do precisely that, without providing a warning that requires user
    confirmation or checking if the PC processor is idle.

    It reminds me of those bad action movies where the hero rushes to save an
    inocent victim but not without killing hundreds of bystanders in the process.

    ac90210, Feb 17, 2006
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