Windows Update hangs up on the ActiveX screen and never moves

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by LTL, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. LTL

    LTL Guest

    Win XP Pro SP2, ActiveX 9.0c

    I'm sorry if this has been answered 100 times but the newsgroup website is
    so slow that I gave up trying to get to page 2 to see if 100 other people
    were having the same problem. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
    LTL, Jan 12, 2006
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  2. LTL

    Alan Guest

    First two articles address the issues, the last two explain the update. Best
    of luck

    Alan, Jan 13, 2006
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  3. LTL

    Neto Guest

    I tried just about everuthing sugested by many "comrades" in distress.
    Nothing worked.
    By pure curiosity, I opened on IE Tools/Manage AddOns and Enabled
    MUwebControlClass and...magic! Everything works now! Can you guys try and let
    me know if it worked?
    Neto, Apr 8, 2006
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