Windows Update HP 2300 Printers Fix (for me anyway)

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Terry, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Terry

    Terry Guest

    Hi all I am new to this group and have spent a good 4 to 5 hours trying
    to rectify the balls up this particular Windows update did to my

    I manage a W2K domain with AD for a school and decided to get the
    client computers up dated and ready for a new year of virus and worm
    attacks that will surely come.(There are now three things in life you
    can be sure of, Death, Taxes, and attacks on Microsoft operating

    The computers for our students are Windows XP Pro SP2 have a default HP
    2300 dn networked printer which automatically loads when a student logs
    in, this I have done via this idea Microsoft had on their knowledge
    base handy for system

    To continue, when that update came in all the client computers default
    settings were changed to print Labels, Auto feed tray,American Letter
    size, not good when we use A4, Tray 2,Plain paper, (irate stressed out
    students don't need printer problems adding to their list of woes
    believe you me)

    To rectify this issue I went through on a client computer using this
    tool from (Daniel Petri a
    savoiur if there ever was one) the delprof tool (Delete Profiles Tool)
    or from the Windows Resource kit and removed all the users profiles
    contained in the Documents and settings folder on this client computer.

    Then I re-booted and went through the procedure listed on the
    Microsoft Knowledge base as I mentioned before

    and made a totally new and renamed profile for a user, set the
    settings to A4,Plain Paper, Tray 2, and tested it on a local user
    account and then on a domain user account.

    It worked so I up loaded the default user profile contained in the
    Documents and settings folder (note this folder is hidden and is read
    only so use the tools folder> options menu to view the hidden files,
    but don't change the attributes) to a USB memory drive and went through
    each of the students computers removing already existing profiles with
    the Delprof tool, and removing the Default User profile folder that was
    already there and replaced it with the one I copied to my USB Memory
    drive from the successful labrat computer.

    Rebooted and and logged in with a student account and verified the
    default printer loaded and that the settings went back to A4,Plain
    Paper, Tray 2,and hey presto all was back to normal.

    Hopefully I will have contented students that can print with out having
    to adjust the printers settings each time they want to print
    something, or worse calling me every seven seconds to do it for them.

    It worked for me and hopefully it may help you

    Someone at Microsoft and or Hewlett Packard owes me a days pay for
    fixing this on my Saturday my day of rest.

    Terry, Feb 4, 2006
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