Windows Update Mess with June Updates

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Mikem, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Mikem

    Mikem Guest

    Well my confidence in the Windows Update process has been shaken. What
    started out today as a routine update process has turned my system into a

    When I went to my system this morning the little yellow update shield was
    present. However prior to running the update process I went in to System
    Restore and created a new restore point. I then ran the Update process.
    Everything appeared to run normally and I receieved the completion message
    and the notice to reboot, which I did.

    Shortly after rebooting things got "interesting." I launched Music Match
    Jukebox version 10 and after a few minutes noticed that some

    of the songs I clicked on to "Play Now" displayed a "broken link" error
    message. I then attempted to use the Mucsic Match tool for repairing broken
    links only to be informed that the songs that showed up as as broken links
    could not be found. After the broken links tools had displayed over 50 of
    these missing songs I cancelled out and sent an emaill to Music Match tech

    Then I open MS Word 2003. When I clicked on a file on my recent documents
    list I received an error message "Word was unable to read the document. It
    may be corrupt..." I received this message for every document on the recently
    used list. However when I went into Windows Explorer and checked, all the
    documents were there. When I double-clicked on one it launched normally.

    I then launched Excel 2003 to see if that would have any problems. It
    exhibited similar behavior to Word -- an error message stating that
    "C:\...\filename.xls could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename,
    and verify that its location is correct." However when I went into Windows
    Explorer and checked, all the files were there. When I double-clicked on one
    it launched normally.

    Getting very concerned at this point, I was glad that I had set a restore
    point prior to running the update, and decided to do a System Restore.
    However when I went into System Restore it displayed the little calendar but
    told me there "are no restore points." All my restore points had disappeared
    even though I had specifically set one prior to running the Windows Update.

    I then tried booting in Safe Mode to see if that made a difference. Well it
    did, but not in a way I wanted. Word and Excel still behaved the same -- not
    finding files. When I went in to System Restore I received the ominous
    message "System Restore is suspended because there is not enough disk space
    available on the system drive (C:). To start System Restore, ensure at least
    200MBs of free disk space are available on this drive." Quickly opening
    Windows Explorer I confirmed that my C: drive had 62GB out of 111GB free.

    I am running this on a Dell 8300, 3.0GHz, 1.5GB RAM, with Trend Micros'
    PC-cillin Internet Security suite and Microsoft's Antispyware. Otherwise the
    system is very clean and has been running fine for months. All previous
    Windows Updates had been installed prior to today's disaster.

    Any help or insights would be appreciated.
    Mikem, Jun 16, 2005
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  2. Mikem

    JoeM Guest

    Do you use norton ghost or any other backup programs? System Restore only
    restores system files. Did you update office. Which version of office do
    you have? Which verison of windows do you have home pro, sp1, sp2?
    JoeM, Jun 16, 2005
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  3. Mikem

    Mikem Guest

    JoeM, thanks for the input. In answer to your questions: 1) I'm not running
    any Symantec/Norton software on my system, but am using a Maxtor OneTouch
    backup drive with Dantz's Retrospect software; 2) It doesn't matter what
    System Restore will restore, these updates wiped out ALL of my previous
    Restore Points including one I manually set just before doing the Windows
    Update routine; 3) MS Office is 2003 Small Business Edition with SP1; 4) I'm
    running XP Home with SP@ and all current updates.
    Mikem, Jun 17, 2005
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