Windows Update, OS and SP 3 issues

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by DaveZave, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. DaveZave

    DaveZave Guest

    I installed all of the latest updates on my computer, including IE 8 and
    Service Pack 3 for xp.


    1) it’s not finding my camera when I plug it in;
    2) it’s not installing (or uninstalling programs. It tells me there’s a
    problem with the installer. I checked that theregistry permissions are as
    required in the instructions on the Microsoft website. Still no good.
    3) When I go to widows Update, it tells me I have to change my security
    setting so as to enable userdata persistence… but userdate persistence is
    already enabled.

    Everything was fine before I installed the updates. My OS is legal and
    registered 9or was, before the updates).
    DaveZave, Jun 16, 2010
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  2. Uninstall the updates you installed one-by-one through the Control Panel -->
    Add or Remove Programs and then use System Restore to go back to a time
    before you installed all the updates... (Yes - in that order, not just
    "System Restore".)

    Then clean up and prepare your system for the updates. It's not like these
    updates are anywhere *near* new - if you are speaking of SP3 for Windows XP

    Once you get things uninstalled - come back and someone can walk you through
    the cleanup and proper installation of updates.
    Shenan Stanley, Jun 16, 2010
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