Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP se

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by william.hooper, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I have a couple of vista machine and they have both been driving me
    crazy by not connecting to wireless or wired networks. My most recent
    experience was I could not connect to a Vodafone Wireless Hotspot on
    my Sony UX Palmtop in a hotel. I was absolutely livid and blamed it on
    Vodafone's stupid technology. (I launched command prompt then IPCONFIG
    and see disconnected under DCHP server).

    However, checing on the net today (back from holiday) I see it's
    probably a Vista problem. Here is an article about how to edit the
    registy to fix it for a network adapter:

    But this is rubbish. I have to now fix each adapter on each machine?
    Is there a .exe I can just just to fix each machine?

    Vista is a nighmare and I wish I could downgrade my new laptops to XP
    (not an easy task with all those drivers). If it was not for this
    forum looking for answers and asking questions I would be screwed.
    What must Joe Public think?

    I read about Microsoft launching a wine called "Blue Monster - Change
    the World or Go Home". Nice thoughts but what the hell has really
    happend at Microsoft? Once it built the best stuff in the world - now
    its products are buggy as the old wordperfect for windows and it's
    interfaces as unusable as lotus notes. Almost no one else can write
    software, and certainly no one else on the same scale, so the world
    has been ruined.

    william.hooper, Sep 18, 2007
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  2. william.hooper

    nowhereman Guest

    [here is a command in vista under the registry
    interface key]

    and the Registry command
    DhcpConnForceBroadcastFlag is set to 1 by the operating system.
    This command is famous to give troube for wireless interfaces, and is
    resolved by changing it to 0.

    another problems are with things like rss and autotuninglevel too.

    To help to renew the ip from the registry might help this key.


    and to the NextInstance changeded it from 1 to 0 help by reboot the ip.
    nowhereman, Sep 18, 2007
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  3. how am i supposed to know the GUID of the interface card? there are
    several GUIDs there...
    william.hooper, Sep 18, 2007
  4. I don't undeerstand you say change 1 to 0 in
    DhcpConnForceBroadcastFlag and the other article says add
    DhcpConnEnableBcastFlagToggle with value 1
    william.hooper, Sep 18, 2007
  5. william.hooper, Sep 18, 2007
  6. Ah here is more on this vista networking issue:


    By: Bill Wood

    ....if you get a "local only" message from Vista, the built-in DHCP
    router in your Router / Wireless Access Point probably is NOT
    compatible with Vista...

    Here is one solution that may work for SOME routers (but it does NOT
    work for
    all of them including many dLink!)

    If this does not work, and you still get the "local only" message, but
    KNOW the access point works with XP wireless, etc., then MANUALLY SET
    the IP
    address info. Unfortunately, if you have to manually set the IP info,
    will have to delete those settings with other wireless access points.

    PROBLEM: If you don't don;t know the info - eg a Wireless Hotspot you
    are stuffed.

    VISTA does not work with most hotspots. ; (affects mostly
    wireless on
    laptops) ; (Vista and XP together
    in a
    wireless environment) ; (MS Does not provide a
    solution, only info. Like the other options, you will likely have to
    MANUALLY set up your IP info in the adapter, or purchase a new
    access point.) ; (problems if you have
    the SAME
    Gateway address as the one assigned to the computer you are trying to
    to the Wireless spot).


    To see your adapter info, use a command prompt window (Start > Run >
    type in
    CMD) and then type:

    ipconfig /all

    Find your network adapter and write down the Gateway, DNS, IP Address,
    other settings.


    Regardless of the problem, if you KNOW the wireless spot works, and
    you had
    little or no trouble on XP, try MANUALLY setting up the IP info for
    wireless access point.


    I'm VERY disappointed at how many problems there are with the Vista
    networking. Especially when SO MANY of the early Vista users are
    exactly the
    same customer base that USES WIRELESS!

    william.hooper, Sep 18, 2007
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