Windows Vista Ultimate Version vs Windows Vista Enterprise version

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Debabrata, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Debabrata

    Debabrata Guest


    We are planning to test and certify our product against the Windows Vista
    Ultimate Edition but do not have the plan to test it against the Vista
    Enterprise version as of now.

    Can you please let me know, if certifying the product against the Vista
    Ultimate edition guarantees that it will work smoothly with the Enterprise
    version also? Can we claim that that the product will run well on both the
    editions of Vista?
    Will there be any issues going forward? If there are any issues is it
    because of the differences in two editions or something else?

    Please let me know. It is very urgent.


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    Debabrata, Dec 3, 2007
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  2. Debabrata

    AJR Guest

    The Ultimate version is a "complete" version - includes business and
    multimedia items. The Enterprise version is strictly "business" and is only
    available to Microsoft Enterprise customers and not via retail..

    Difficult to provide more defintive information without knowing the
    "product" involved.
    AJR, Dec 3, 2007
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  3. Debabrata

    Debabrata Guest

    Hi AJR,

    Ours is an ETL tool operates on the large data set for extraction, transform
    and loading into the different database as well as storing the transformed
    data into files. Our application has some reporting capabilities also.

    In this scenario do you think that it is sufficient to test and certify our
    product with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition only So that it can run smoothly
    for the customers who uses the Enterprise edition?

    We are not sure about the differences between Ultimate and Enterprise
    edition. At this moment testing on the enterprise edition also not included
    in our plan. So any suggestion in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Debabrata, Dec 3, 2007
  4. Debabrata

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Enterprise is nothing more than a large volume version of Business, designed
    for use in medium to large corporations. If the application tests ok under
    Ultimate, it should be fine as the operating system core for both is exactly
    the same.
    Rick Rogers, Dec 4, 2007
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